Yellow Highlights

This half term has seen the girls participate in a wide range of opportunities in school from the Fourth Form play, sports fixtures to lunchtime concerts and the Lower Sixth Summer Ball.

Lower Sixth Summer Ball

The girls in the Lower Sixth thoroughly enjoy their Summer ball, all dressed up for an evening of superb food, dancing and comradery with the company of boys from RGS High Wycombe. The evening was a great success, and the girls had a wonderful time and dancing until late.

Pitt Lower Sixth: Summer Ball 2023

Roman Catholic Confirmation

Isabella, Valentina, Allegra, Margot, Sylvia and Elaine received the sacrament of Confirmation on Sunday 7 May at St Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church in High Wycombe by the Bishop of Northampton. The girls and their families were all able to enjoy the special service and the girls were involved in readings and prayers alongside receiving the sacrament. It was a wonderful occasion for the girls on the next step of their journey of Faith.

Isabella, Valentina, Allegra, Margot, Sylvia and Elaine, Roman Catholic Confirmation 2023

UIII Pitt and LIV Pitt – Transition for the girls.

The girls and House staff in Pitt are excitedly preparing for the new pupils who are joining us in September from Junior House. For our pupils, Pitt is a home away from home for up to six years. As one of Wycombe Abbey’s largest boarding houses, there are a lot of new faces to meet and routines to get used to. Luckily, our incoming Pitt girls have lots of support from our current pupils, all of whom are eagerly awaiting our new arrivals. Within no time, our new girls will be getting stuck into life at Pitt! 

It has been a pleasure to get to know our most recent additions to Pitt over the last few weeks and the girls are beginning to make the transition to their Senior House. Recently, we have had some fantastic evening activities, aimed at building connections and beginning to establish some great friendships. Events started with an UIII and LIV quiz held in Big School. The girls showed off their competitive sides whilst working together as part of a team for the first time. Next, was a special Courtyard dinner and a tour of Pitt. For some, this was their first visit to the building. The girls were particularly excited to see their new dorms and smell Mrs. Pearce’s home cooking in the kitchen: A taste of what is in store next year! 

The girls’ next visit to House was full of chatter, as the UIII begin to settle into their environment. Together with the LIV, they worked to create a new display board for the House, to showcase our newest pupils.  It was pleasing to see everybody so full of excitement ahead of joining us in September, with lots of questions about life at Pitt. The group was joined by some of our older girls, eager to greet the newcomers and give advice based on their experiences. 

Finally came the announcement that everyone in House was eagerly anticipating: the new housemothers and daughters!  The family trees work as a buddy system, with each pupil assigned a housemother who is responsible for helping their daughter adjust to life at Pitt. Our family trees stretch back for generations and link our Wycombe Abbey Seniors with current students, allowing people to bond over their shared connection. We are very proud of our LIV students, as they become housemothers for the first time. They are all looking forward to supporting the girls as they settle in with us. 

Once again, we welcome our new girls and look forward to a fabulous year ahead! We have a few more exciting events taking place in the coming weeks and hope that our new girls will soon feel at home with us. We can’t wait to start this new and exciting school year together!

And Finally… Pitt Clarence Leavers

On Friday 28 April we said a farewell to our Upper Sixth Pitt Girls in Clarence. It was a fabulous celebration of their time at Wycombe Abbey, their accomplishments, and achievements whilst they all remembered fondly their time in Junior House, Pitt and Clarence as well as the wider school opportunities that have drawn them together. From seeing them as the young girls that arrived in UIII, LIV and UIV to seeing them leave as young adults, it has been a real pleasure to watch them all thrive and meet the challenges they have faced. We wish them all the very best for their examinations and in the future.

Pitt Upper Sixth: Clarence Leavers 2023