Airlie Summer Term Newsletter

This term, our current LIV pupils have been getting to know their House daughters, who will be joining Airlie in September. Earlier in the term, the UIII Airlie pupils visited the House and were given a tour around the most secret and exciting spots of our house (such as ‘Top Bs’).  

Last week, the UIII pupils visited Airlie for some fun games and – most importantly – for Airlie House’s legendary Wednesday Toastie Night. Our first game was ‘the Human Knot’; UIII and LIV pupils joined hands and spent a good 10 minutes trying to untie their human knot. A special shout-out to Ameera, in LIV, who took the lead in this game in a calm yet decisive manner.

Unfortunately, despite our lengthy effort, our human knot was just too tight (just like the friendships and bonds that Airlie pupils form in House!) and we eventually gave up. But fear not, Airlie parents, because we have plenty of time to practise our unknotting skills next year! 

After this entertaining, albeit fruitless, endeavour, we gathered in the Airlie drawing room for the infamous ‘sock’ game. Pupils were divided into two teams and had to fish out of a (clean) sock a specific object. The competition was fierce and intense, but the pink team eventually climbed to victory. 

Everyone had the chance to enjoy a toastie before walking the UIII pupils back to their House. As they were leaving, they told us what they are looking forward to the most about joining Airlie. Here are some of their answers: 

Poppy: ‘The older girls seem really nice! And I also love the colour brown!’ 

Chloe: ‘The people seem very nice and it’s close to school. The community is also very welcoming.’ 

Georgie: ‘The staff are very nice.’ 

Daisy: ‘A very welcoming and close-knit community. Everyone is very nice and easy to talk to and I love the colour.’ 

As a pupil joins Airlie, they also join a family tree. Their Housemother will be their first link; however, they will soon get to meet and know their House grandmothers (LV), great grandmothers (UV) and great-great grandmothers (LVI)! Our Housemothers play a key role, and our pupils love that they can help a new pupil settle into our community. In the first term, new pupils will share a dorm with their Housemother and help her with daily routines and help her tie her tie if she doesn’t know how to do it! 

We hope our family tree structure within the Boarding House creates a more inclusive and connected living environment for our pupils. It promotes understanding, empathy, appreciation for one another, celebration, and connection within Airlie. Family tree activities take place on Friday evenings, during our House meeting. The activities range from paper airplane competitions to family quiz nights which help strengthen family bonds and promote conversation. Our family tree structure serves as a tangible representation of one’s roots and provides a sense of identity and belonging in Airlie.