Summer in Cloister

What a full second half of the Summer Term it has been! I cannot believe how much we have managed to fit into such a short space of time.  

All year groups have had examinations this term and should be congratulated on the hard work they have put into their studies. The UV in particular have worked extremely hard for their GCSEs and I am sure are very relieved that they are over.  

Cloister has been extremely active on the sports pitches these past few months. Congratulations have to go to Pip as our Sports Captain for all the hard work she has put into games this term. As a House we have taken part in a wide variety of sports including tennis, rounders and cricket. House Funals took place on the penultimate Monday of term, and Cloister played excellently. Special mention should go to Imogen and Manuela who beat Butler in the tennis final, and Imogen and Gabby whose multiple cricket runs helped us to beat Barry in the final! Sports day was a wonderful afternoon where the whole House came together to cheer each other on. Almost every member of the House competed over the course of the afternoon, either on the track or in the field. Huge congratulations to everyone, particularly the seniors who came second overall!  

Another highlight of the term has to be the LV House drama competition, which was based on Princess Fiona’s perspective of her marriage to Shrek! The girls worked so hard to put the play together, attending multiple evening rehearsals. There was not dry eye in the theatre as we were all laughing so much at this comedy of different creatures! Puss in Boots, Lord Farquar, Donkey and many other characters will never be looked at in the same way! As I write this, we are currently waiting to hear where we have been placed, but I certainly thing we should be awarded first place for comedy value!  

The final weekend of term brought Dove Day and GlastonAbbey. Dove Day is such a special moment in the year, it is when the entire School community comes together and this year was a remarkable event. The Cloister tent looked glorious with all the green decorations and the picnic lunch was certainly enjoyed by all. A mention must be given to all the girls who performed on the day; whether that be in Gymnastics, with their furry friends in the dog show, or in the Review Show later on in the afternoon. The next day GlastonAbbey did not disappoint, a huge congratulations must go to Bella who performed on the stage with Freya in Shelburne. It was a wonderful evening of music and food and could give the real Glastonbury a run for its money!  

June is the time of year when we say goodbye to members of the Cloister community. Firstly, Miss Monteil. Thank you so much for all your work as AHM. We wish you all the very best in Butler next year- our loss is their gain! We will also be saying farewell to our two RTs, Miss Clare and Miss Hopper. Thank you for all the wonderful activities which you have organised over the year. The L6th year will be moving up to Clarence and we all wish them the very best. Thank you for everything you have all done for Cloister over the last 5 years. It will not be the same without you!  

It has been another fantastic year for Cloister, and I am sure that everyone is looking forward to some rest and relaxation over the summer. I wish you all a wonderful and relaxing holiday and look forward to welcoming you all back in September.