A busy weekend!

I always enjoy the Summer Term especially the lighter evenings and, hopefully, the better weather. Walking up the hill in the sunshine at the end of the day makes our evenings seem a little less rushed, there seems to be more time available and, of course, everyone enjoys playing outside in the Junior House garden. On the penultimate weekend of this half term, we had a particularly busy weekend and with the help of some of the Junior House girls we will try and paint a picture of what you can fit in to a weekend.

On Saturday morning we helped to host the ‘New Girl Welcome Morning’. This was our first opportunity to meet them since they had accepted places to join Wycombe Abbey and Junior House in September 2023.

‘Alice, Lilly, Sanvi, Annelise and I all took part in a Question-and-Answer session for the new Junior House girls and their parents. We all sat at the front of LAC theatre with Miss Crampton, Ms Short, Miss Wilson, Mrs Izzard and Miss Dubois and the ‘indestructible microphone’ which was passed and thrown around the hall. It was such a great opportunity and a very enjoyable event as well. It was lovely to get to meet all of the new girls and help out with their questions. There were so many different questions from ‘are there any dogs in the Boarding House?’ to ‘How does phone time work?’. It was such a great experience and I absolutely loved it and I am sure that everybody else who took part would agree!!’  – Poppy

‘Helping out with the tours on Saturday reminded me of how I was feeling when I was in the same position last year. Nervous. Excited. My heart racing with the confusion of it all. I was so excited to be meeting all of next year’s Junior House and getting to know them. I got the pleasure of touring three wonderful girls and their families around Junior House and it really put a smile on my face. Everyone is very kind and welcoming and they will settle in perfectly. It was also my first-time touring and such a great experience. I have definitely built up my skills and confidence for next year when we will be able to tour families around the whole school!’  – Izzy

Following an afternoon of away cricket and tennis matches at Downe House on Saturday evening we had the opportunity to camp out on Midget pitch.

‘The campout was a great experience. Midget pitch had been transformed to wonderful camping ground. Sleeping in tents was so much fun: waking up to the warm sunshine and the birds’ heavenly song. Rounders was a perfect way to spend the evening. It included teamwork, action, and a fun and cheerful atmosphere. We ate Pizza and Fanta, it was delicious. I got to know some people in my tent that I didn’t know that well and now we’re great friends.’  – Cecily

On Sunday morning we returned to Junior House for a cooked breakfast before heading out to Legoland for the day.

‘The day started with coach journey that lasted about 45 minutes or a little more. The coach journey included talking, games, some karaoke and a few little naps along the way; I, Mij, was one of those tired nappers. Once we arrived, we grabbed our lunches, went through the entrance and started weaving through the heavy crowds to Skeleton Bay, located in Heartlake City.™

Once we were briefed with what time to come back, we were sent off to go enjoy Legoland! A whole bunch of us went straight to the closest, and possibly the most enjoyable ride, Mia’s Riding Adventure™. This ride was a thriller, going up and down, round and round on a circular horse-filled ride. Feeling slightly dizzy, the groups split up and went to go enjoy the rest of their day, prepared to have fun! Our group, in particular, went to Haunted House.™ This ride was a sort of rocking ship ride, minus the ship. You were inside a house, in a row of seats with your friends! You started to rock, and the walls made it look as though they were moving. With a few creeps and spooks along the way, this ride was a sure fun-filled ride for you and your friends. (Maybe your family, if they aren’t scaredy-cats!). A lot of us wanted to go on one of the best reviewed rides, Viking River Splash, but the wait was one WHOLE hour; so most of us bailed! The Viking River Splash™, located in the Land of Vikings, was a ride which got you quite wet. A spinning water ride that appears to start off calm but then turns into a chaos-filled fun ride with bumps into the sides, crashing into specially placed obstacles and a ride for the family. Next, we had to meet the teachers to register for lunch at 1:00-1:30. We had a plan to go on a calm ride after lunch, but that cooling down was spent not on a calm ride to let us digest lunch, it was spent wandering around looking for a ride. The ride we decided on, I know is my Mum’s favourite, the Legoland Express™. This ride is a calm, sight-seeing ride that drives through Legoland.

A few more rides and the day was done, lunch eaten, rides been on, and fun had! We got back on the coach and went back to school. A day worth remembering.’ – Mij and Charlotte

After our Legoland exploits there was time for a quick supper in House and a bit of time to organise ourselves for school next week before our weekend concluded with an amazing Evensong full of gospel music with Geraldine Latty and Wycombe Abbey’s ‘Choir’.

‘Sitting in chapel with our senior Houses; Phire Choir’s sweet song filling my ears is one of the many examples of how Wycombe Abbey is one big community. Our community is one that consists of spirit, success, kindness, inclusivity, and God. God is a heaven. God is warmth. God is light. God is happiness. Phire Choir reminds us of that, but through soulful singing.’  – Cecily

‘Evensong a time of peace and quiet but also a period to be jubilant. Everyone was having a pleasant time. It was one of the best moments for relaxation and helps with our well-being. I enjoyed the music being played and sung and all of the students in Phire Choir sounded as if they were professional singers. The professionalism the students portrayed and expressed to the audience was breath-taking, everyone was amazed by their talent.’  -Penney

And finally ..

This half term I have continued to set dorm challenges for dorms to complete with their LIV mentors. The most recent challenge was all about some of our dearest companions in Junior House, the submissions were fantastic and I thought something worth sharing, it is amazing to see what our teddy bears have been up to in both House and School.