What we love about Cloister House

In Cloister this term the House have been very busy with the start of both public and school exams. As a consequence, this blog will be a slightly different one! Over some McFlurries, we all sat together and thought about what exactly it was that makes Cloister such a special space to live. Our thoughts are below along with photos of the term.

I love the sense of community in Cloister and how we are all brought together by fun activities and games.

Toastie Thursdays!

I am grateful for the community in Cloister

The amazing dorms

Community, friends, my comfy bed but mostly my friends!

Singing and dancing in the bathrooms at bedtime


I am grateful for the amazing staff that run Cloister House!

I am grateful for the amazing friends I have made and the supportive teachers in Cloister.

The mixed aged dorms just make Cloister so special. I have friends across all year groups and I think this is really special.

The friendships formed.

The people and community (and toasties!)

Dobble Wednesdays!

The House staff and the cute baby.

The House families. I am so grateful for my House mother helping me to settle in to Cloister, along with my grandmother and aunties!

I am grateful for the way everyone treats each other like a family and how everyone is always nice to each other.

I am grateful for the community

I am grateful for the support we all give each other in House games.

I am grateful for the community and the amazing House staff and how Cloister feels like home.

As a community we are so diverse, coming from all corners of the globe and with a range of interests and hobbies. What brings everyone in Cloister together is the feeling of community and togetherness. I wish everyone a wonderful and restful half term (fingers crossed the sun shines!) and look forward to welcoming you all back in June.