Campbell House Activities

A boarding House serves as a home away from home for pupils. It can help to shape their personalities, interests and is the heart of our School community. In Campbell, we are pleased and proud to support our pupils with the diverse array of interests that they have. While the daytime is filled with lessons and other engagements, the evening presents an opportunity for pupils to unwind and engage in activities of their choosing. In this environment, evening activities play a vital role in fostering a sense of community, promoting inclusivity, and contributing to the overall well-being of the pupils. Across this term Campbell House have enjoyed a plethora of activities and we would like to share some of our favourites:

Monday night activities are run by LVI pupils and everyone is welcome to take part. This provides the LVI with the opportunity to organise and lead activities and, for the younger girls, an opportunity to spend time with both their year group and the older girls. Some of these activities have included Board Games, Craft, and a particular House favourite are the Mario Kart competitions.
Yihan is in the IV form: “My personal favourite Monday activity has to be playing Nintendo with the LVI. It’s such a fun and simple activity to bond through!”.
Jade is in the LVI and helps to run the activities each week: “I think my favourite Monday night activity has to be Articulate – it gets everyone working together as a team and we always like a bit of friendly competition! We all had a great time!”

One of the highlights this term was a whole House friendship bracelet making. Pupils sat within their House family, which includes one girl per year group, and chose some colours for everyone within their family to wear. They then had the option to make a bracelet for each other or for themselves. It was lovely to see the girls spend time with others across the year groups and we know how important their House family relationships are to them!

‘Baking with Mons’ is always well-received by the younger girls in House. While the LVI get the opportunity to make some of their favourite treats, younger pupils really enjoy the chance to join them in cooking on a Saturday evening. This half term’s bake of choice was mochi ice cream balls. Pupils got the opportunity to roll and freeze their own desserts while they listened to their favourite Taylor Swift songs.

Sometimes the weekday activities are more spontaneous: on Wednesday evening, Campbell was lucky enough to welcome five Labrador puppies for a visit. The girls really enjoyed playing with the puppies, who got a taste for freedom and were running around the grass outside House! It was lovely to enjoy spending time together outside cuddling the lovely 7-week-old bundles of fluff. Although they were very active to begin with, it was not long before the puppies were tired out and the girls were very careful to ensure that the puppies always had a lap to sleep on!

Campbell House are looking forward to the final half term of this year, and we hope that you have enjoyed this insight into our varied weekday evenings!