Summer greetings from Butler House!

The UIIIs joining Butler House in September have been excited to see what life in their Senior House will look like during regular Wednesday evening visits. The current LIV have been full of excitement as they induct their younger peers, introducing them to the older girls in their ‘House Family’ and sharing stories of their own experiences. Badminton, Swing-ball and Uno games have been popular outside as well as lots of bean bag chats on the grass. 

To celebrate the success of last term, we treated the Girls to a surprise giant chocolate fountain and games night. Laughter filled the kitchen as everyone enjoyed dipping strawberries, marshmallows, and other sweet treats. House Family teams rotated through board games scattered around the House that brought out the competitive spirit in everyone. From Twister to charades, it was a night filled with joy and friendly rivalry. 

Thursday evenings have become regular year group baking nights led by Ms. Flavin, with cupcakes being the most popular. Girls gather in the kitchen, eager to learn new decorating techniques – from buttercream swirls to intricate designs, each cupcake has been a personal masterpiece! Sharing their creations over a cup of tea, the Girls have savoured their finished cakes before bedtime. 

Eurovision fever hit the boarding House this half term, and we couldn’t help but embrace the build-up! Girls with links to countries all over the globe gathered to watch the performances, rooting for their favourite countries, and debating the worthy winners. There was plenty of cheering, and an appreciation for the diverse cultures represented in the competition.

Cicely and Lucy recently celebrated their Catholic Confirmation with a special service in High Wycombe, shared with family, friends and staff. Following the service, we gathered for a celebratory tea in Big School to commemorate this important milestone – complete with a very orange cake to reflect our House colour! 

Hampers delivered each Saturday night by the Weekend Activity team are always eagerly awaited and a highlight this half term has been mocktail making. Mr Stiglitz donned his waistcoat and tie as our resident mixologist and everyone showcased their creativity by concocting vibrant and delicious drinks. From fruity delights to refreshing classics, each mocktail was a work of art, complete with fruit for decoration and some sugar rims. It was a fantastic way to have a break from revision in the midst of school and public exams. 

To celebrate the end of LVI exams, the year group enjoyed their much-anticipated Summer Ball with RGS High Wycombe. The year groups came together for the Management Conference last term, so this was a fun way to socialise once again. It was a black-tie event so the girls enjoyed getting ready together and left the Houses looking fabulous! They had entertainment such as outdoor crazy golf and air hockey followed by a live DJ after dinner with plenty of dancing. 

We wish everyone a restful Long Leave and are looking forward to coming together as a Butler House community for our end of term events. Make sure you have Dove Day in your diaries for Saturday 24 June where we will be proudly performing our winning House Singing piece once again (Coldplay’s Viva la Vida).

With best wishes,

Butler House Staff