Shelburne Summertime

This half term has focused on looking ahead to September and the exciting changes on the horizon for the new academic year. The UIII have begun their transition to Senior Houses, and we have enjoyed having the new Shelburne girls up to House to meet their future dorm mates and to join in with House activities. The current Shelburne LIV girls were excited to find out who would be joining their House family as their House Daughter. This tradition plays an integral part in forming the School’s close-knit boarding community, helping pupils to establish friendships that transcend their age, background and interests. The current UV pupils have also been thinking about the positions of responsibility they would like to hold in Shelburne next year. Miss Tay and I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking to them about their visions for making Shelburne’s community even stronger.

Another exciting change in the pipeline is the re-development of the Shelburne ‘TV Room’ and ‘Top Surgery’ over the Summer break. Discussions have now begun with girls about what they would like these spaces to look like and function as, and it has been great to hear their thoughts and to see them excited about the changes to come. Watch this space!

Despite many pupils having internal and public exams, the turn-out at House activities has been fantastic this half term. The chocolate fountain, smoothie-making and ‘chips and dips’ evenings have remained firm favourites, though the girls have also enjoyed playing rounders, croquet, chess and uno flip, as well as karaoke nights and a Eurovision party. It has been lovely to combine with our sister Houses, Cloister and Wendover, for many of these activities too. The House has also been fortunate to have visits from several very cute animals, including Mrs Buxton’s rabbits and Mrs Ashby-Rose’s adorable Labrador puppies! Mabel, the House dog, is also enjoying lots of attention from the girls.

Both inside and outside the classroom, Shelburne girls continue to take the world by storm. Some notable individual successes this half term have included Annabelle achieving the School Skier of the Year Award, Felicity achieving a Distinction of 97% in her LAMDA Exam, Dara being top of the School league table for the pupil with most commendations this term, Emily being selected to participate in the National Academy Lacrosse Trials, and Sibella, Sophie and Lily training with the Swedish Lacrosse Team. Many of our L6 girls have also started weekly volunteering at the Horizon’s Sports club this half term, teaching children and young people with disabilities how to swim. I know they find this incredibly rewarding work and come back each week enthused by the thrill of helping others. The girls’ diverse talents continually blow me away, and I am excited to see what amazing things they get up to next half term.