Rubens First Summer House Blog

The Summer Term is a very special time for the youngest members of the School community. It is a time when Rubens LIV look forward to becoming house mothers to the newest recruits in the UIII. This half term kicked off with the LIV welcoming the newest little sisters to Rubens with great warmth and style. The UIII were toured round the House and showed their new dorms, the common room, studies and of course where all the biscuits are kept. The girls loved getting to know each other and starting to build the special family tree bonds that unite our pink sisterhood.

On Sunday 7th May, three of our wonderful Rubens girls took their first Holy Communion. Congratulations to Mati (UIV); Annamaria (UIV); and Alex (LV) who committed to their confirmation classes to get to this special day in their spiritual journey. We are very proud of you all!

Team Rubens showed up for House Lacrosse finals. Nothing makes a Housemistress more proud than seeing the lengths to which the girls will go to transform their dark navy uniform into bright pink mascots to show off the best of our heart; spirit and joy.

Rubens House went out for their traditional whole House meal at Bluegrass in High Wycombe for an all American style feast of ribs, burgers, chips and mac n’ cheese. The girls had a great time and at the end of the meal, the LV presented their tutor Miss McIvor with a birthday treat and special card. Miss McIvor is an evening tutor in Rubens too and sees the girls through their academic and pastoral journey at the school.  This picture is very sweet, and really shows how much affection the girls have for their tutor because a great form tutor is a transformational person in a child’s life. The tutor role at Wycombe is the lode star for each child and the person there to pick each child up and celebrate their successes. Thank you for everything you do Miss McIvor!

The first half of the Summer term is always bittersweet. It is the point in the year when we say goodbye to our incredible UVI girls as they get ready to take their A Levels before they leave the green grounds of Wycombe for the final time. I can imagine that the beauty of the grounds must suddenly be particularly present for the UVI in the Summer term. I hope that they always remember how absolutely brilliant they were as Rubens girls and that they will always be connected to us by an invisible pink thread that is the Rubens sisterhood. Good luck UVI Rubens, shine bright and go out there to seize all the adventures that come your way. We know you will make us proud.