Success in Shelburne

Shelburne House Blog – Easter 23  

‘Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful’ (Herman Cain). 

It is often the way that we say it has been a ‘successful’ term and we celebrate one another’s ‘successes’. However, it is important we fully understand what is meant by success, and the fact that it may hold very different meanings for different people. In this final post for the term, I wanted to reflect upon what success looks like in our boarding House and recognise our pupils’ achievements. I believe that everything we do has a wider impact than that which we  see on the surface. I also feel that one can be successful even when something doesn’t necessarily go to plan, a mindset we try to instil in the girls in our House.  

To start in finding our definition for success, I would like to recognise the fantastic efforts of the girls, not only in their studies, but beyond what they do in the classroom. I would like to congratulate them for all that they have done, balancing a broad co-curricular programme alongside their academics.  

Daws Hill Pancake Day!

We are very proud of all our Shelburne girls have achieved over the last half term. Our ‘STARS’ are hugely talented, well done!!  
Sporting success –  

Lacrosse Nationals –  
Sibella, Valentina, Sophie, Emily, Grace, Emily, Isabella, Lily, Radha, Emilie, Isolda, Ava, Zoe 
Squash Nationals –  
Jenna, Lily  

Musical success –

Eton Choral Concert –  
Isabella, Adela, Hen, Nell  

We also offer our congratulations to all those pupils who took their ABRSM exams this term. Their commitment to music is exceptionally impressive. 
Dancing success – 

Highlights Concert –  
Felicity, Maya, Kate, Zara  
We are also very proud of all those who took their LAMDA exams.  

Academic success –  

External Poetry Competition – poem published in a book –  
Chemistry Olympiad –  

Some pupils have returned to school from these competitions or concerts with silverware, others with photos, others with exciting memories, and some with a lesson to be learned on how to build on their experiences and improve for next time. What is clear is that through taking part in these activities, girls work on teamwork, leadership skills, resilience, risk taking, determination and so much more. All of these skills are closely linked to our School values and ethos, as well as our Academic Qualities. The success here is, therefore, so much more than the tangible winnings or results. It is the development of valuable skills and qualities that contribute to the wider education of our pupils and allow us to focus on the whole person, something we are hugely passionate about in Shelburne. 

What strikes me about the list above is the wide array of achievements in a range of different settings. It has been so heart-warming to see team spirit develop among those in each event, and to see their passion for what they are doing. For some, the thrill of their first tournament was success. For others, the aim of winning or getting the highest possible score was their definition of success. The theme among all, however, is the enjoyment and the joy that each of these activities brings. It is clear that when one is happy in their endeavours, and when we are taking part in something that brings us pride and confidence, we feel successful.  

In Shelburne, we strive to ensure every member of our community has the opportunity to engage in activities they enjoy, and to allow them to be happy in what they do. Through this, we see true success which really is something to celebrate. To look again at the opening quote, seeing our girls love what they do really is the marker of a happy and successful boarding House!  

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Easter, I hope it is restful and reflective and our girls are able to enjoy the things they love the most.