Pitt House – Spring Term 2023

As we approach the end of term, it is an excellent moment to reflect upon all the wonderful things we have achieved these past few months and the fun we have had together. Each of us will have many happy memories from the past term but here are a few highlights.


We have a number of congratulations to say to the girls in Pitt upon their prefect announcements last week. There will be further prefect announcements in the next newsletter and also from the Wycombe Abbey News

Deputy Head of School

Congratulations to Anoushka on her appointment as Deputy Head of School. As you will have read Anoushka started at WA as a day girl and moved into boarding at the start of the LVI. We are all very proud of her achievements in Pitt and know that she will do a wonderful job as part of the Head Girl Team next year.

Drama Prefect

Congratulations to Acada Lue-Fong on being made Drama Prefect (Whole School). Her endless passion and commitment to Drama is rightly rewarded and we wish her all the very best in her new role. We are looking forward to her Clarence Play in the Autumn Term 2023. Good Luck!

Head of House

As Acada steps up to Whole School Drama prefect,  Congratulations to Janelle Tang on being appointed Head of House Pitt. We are excited for her in the coming weeks and look forward to working alongside her in her new role.

Highlights 2023

The final weekend of term was a fabulous weekend of dancing and gymnastics, which pupils, staff and parents greatly enjoyed watching as part of this year’s wonderful Highlights show.. The Dance Captain, Isabella (UVI Pitt) was superb alongside Grace (UVI Pitt) in leading many of the dances; it was amazing to watch and admire the skills and techniques, particularly of Xi-Xi (UV Pitt) who was tremendous in her performances. She has put in a huge amount of time and effort over the preceding weeks and months, and it was with much pride that we saw such amazing dances.

House Outing – The Chocolatier

Although the final Monday evening of term brought rather grey weather, the girls in Pitt certainly had their spirits brightened by a wonderful House outing experience, working as chocolatier in a Masterchef meets the Apprentice experience., The girls appointed a ‘Head Chef’ who led the team and they organised themselves into the various jobs that needed doing. The team from Hartley’s, demonstrated the processes that the girls would follow. The girls learnt how to make ganache and how to add the flavours, followed some piping techniques and top tips. They also learnt how to coat and decorate the truffles with different toppings and styles. The girls listened intently and soon gained inspiration from each other with their creative and innovative ideas.

Finally, once the girls had finished designing and making their chocolate truffles, they had to create a pitch, similar to the Apprentice. The girls, competitive as ever, entered fully into the spirit with some very innovative concepts. The pitches were judged and then the final two groups had a ‘face off’. The winning team of Coco, Sydney, Daria, Anissa and Miss Harris were outstanding, and their creative responses were amazing; budding entrepreneurs for the future.

The girls really enjoyed the event although a surprise, they were thrilled and tired by the end of a fantastic night.

LV, UV, LVI Pitt Girls
LIV, LV, UV Pitt Girls
UIV, LV Pitt Girls

The girls were very excited and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, here are some words of reflection from Thaisa (UV Pitt)

Yesterday, the entirety of Pitt House and I experienced the amazing House Outing activity of chocolate making! The details of what the House staff had planned for us were kept a secret but as we headed towards Big School and saw the many posters presenting the chocolates that we would be making, it was such a surprise, and everyone was ecstatic! 

In my opinion, it was such an enjoyable activity and just the most amazing way to finish our Spring Term. I felt that the activity was a perfect way for me to spend quality time with girls from my House and we all had so much fun. 

From my group adding an overwhelming amount of favouring, to the amazing demonstrations that the company had in store, the evening was filled with laughter and definitely some insanely decorated chocolates. All became serious when time came for the competition. Within our groups, we all pitched, ‘Apprentice’ style, our chocolate company idea to the judges and presented our decorated delicacies for judging. 

The final two groups faced off with a final pitch to decide the winner of the evening and all the other groups cheered to support in the background. Overall, I think that many of my friends would agree with me when I say that this activity was definitely one of my favourite House outings from my time in Pitt and I am so happy that I got to experience it will my friends and the wider House community.

UIV and UV Pitt Girls
Pitt House 2023

We wish you all a fantastic Spring Holiday after a full and exciting term.