Welcome to Wendover House News

Hello parents, families, and friends of Wendover House.

I am incredibly excited to share with you our brand-new House News page. You can expect a half termly update on all that we get up to in House and I simply cannot believe that we are already at the end of the first half of the Spring Term. Life in Wendover is never quiet, so there is a lot for me to share with you.

Once we had welcomed the girls back from their holidays, we realised that we had not been able to fit in one of our favourite Christmas traditions of the family gingerbread decorating competition and we still had the kits to use. So, the first House activity of the term saw us blasting Christmas songs down long corridor and laughing at the squeals of delight and horror as some gingerbread houses stood strong whilst others toppled over quickly. The first Closed Weekend of the term is always a lovely chance for the House families to get together, especially after a few weeks apart. We look forward to many more chances to get together in these groups next half term.

Senior Spotlights saw some of our Wendover girls take to the stage to showcase the hard work that takes place in their dance groups, classes, and examinations. They have worked tirelessly throughout the evenings and weekends to perfect their pirouettes and leaps and had the audience spellbound. Ruth performed a solo in which we saw her Grade 3 ballet piece and Kat was selected to perform in the piece choreographed by the Ballet Captain.

This term we have also had three members of ELT visit Wendover. Mrs Duncan came to see the House and have a chat with the girls about life in Wendover and down in School. Ms Boswell helped make toasties for our new, weekly Thursday Toasties activity and Mr Jones taught the girls how to juggle whilst chatting to them about resilience. The girls always love welcoming members of staff into Wendover and showing them what makes our House so special. I have put in an order for our own sets of juggling balls as the girls picked up the skill incredibly quickly; it was lovely to see them try something new and not be afraid to fail in front of one another.

Each Spring Term we have a School-wide Mental Health Awareness week which allows us to come together as a school and in a smaller House group to discuss some of the issues that are facing young people today. The theme of this year’s week was ‘loneliness.’  This is something that we know more people have experienced during periods of lockdown and throughout the pandemic. The Wellbeing department have created a Wellbeing library for each House which will grow and develop as we add new books and activities each half term. It has been great to see our girls make use of their library already. We also hosted a range of activities and events throughout the week for the girls to come together and enjoy each other’s company. . .  I don’t think there has ever been so many people try to play one game of Cluedo before…

I cannot possibly capture all the individual achievements of the girls and all of the things that we have been up to in a single post, but I hope that you have enjoyed a glimpse into life in Wendover. I remain forever proud of each and every Wendover girl, I feel incredibly grateful that I get to play a part in their Wycombe Abbey journey. They display determination, grit and kindness in all that they do and I look forward to showing you more of what we get up to soon!