Reflecting on a fantastic start to the term in Shelburne

UIV enjoying Toastie Wednesdays

Daws Hill is always so beautiful in the Spring Term – the bulbs are popping up from the cold ground, and the days are getting longer. We are so lucky to be tucked away in this idyllic part of campus and have benefitted from the green space as the weather starts to improve.  
This term has been action-packed already; the Shelburne pupils have been busy getting involved in a range of events both in and out of House. Each week offers an array of activities for pupils to take part in, both with their year groups and dorms. Pupils have been engaged in arts ‘n’ crafts each week, creating some beautiful pieces from tie-dye t-shirts to clay pots. I am hugely grateful to Eden (LVI) for her work on the mural, featuring our favourite Winnie the Pooh characters and show-casing our mascot, Eeyore. Every Wednesday we dig into cheese toasties while catching up on the day’s news, and on Fridays, the girls enjoy the opportunity to take part in activities with the other Daws Hill Houses.  

It was lovely to welcome parents, pupils, and staff to the Shelburne House Dinner. We served a delicious meal with musical performances from our talented pupils. Each table enjoyed competing in a quiz, as well as getting involved in a raffle with some sought-after prizes. Eden, Jasmine and Izzy (LVI) designed a range of hand-made cards which were sold for charity. Money was raised for The Melanesian Mission and their work with a school in Vanautu which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. £500 was raised for the charity which will be a huge support to the staff and pupils at this school, I know they are hugely grateful to the whole House for their efforts in raising money. 

Shelburne House Dinner

Shelburne Stars
In Shelburne, we pride ourselves in the supportive environment that is created within the House. Our Head of House, Phoebe commented on the fact that “we build and boost each other up, encouraging our peers to get involved in whatever is of interest to them”. This has allowed pupils to feel comfortable and supported in their endeavours, not least on the sports’ pitches where we cheer each other on in House Games. So far, it has been a successful term in House Games with multiple wins for our Netball and Volleyball teams, as well as Cheerleading squad. We have our eyes on the coveted House Shield but mostly we are enjoying the healthy competition each week! Thank you to our House Captain, Sara for her efforts in organising the teams and motivating girls of all ages to represent the House.  
We are so proud of all that our girls achieve in School, but we also recognise their fantastic accomplishments in extra activities. A huge well done to the following pupils, who are our current Shelburne Stars: 
Allegra (LV) – Selected for Nationals Cross Country and the British Sailing Squad 
Emily (LV) – Captain of the UI5 A Lacrosse team and MVP at the County tournament 
Lily (UIV) – Player of the tournament at County Lacrosse and County champion 
Radha and Eve (UIV) – County champions – Lacrosse  
Wycombe Abbey Music Festival:
Adela (LV) – Winner of Strings for her age group 
Frida (UIV) – Winner of Singing for her age group  
Izzy (LV) and Hen (UIV) – Finalists 

Phoebe (LVI) – Highly commended essay – ‘Immerse Education’ Geography essay competition 

‘In our words’ – The term in the words of the Shelburne community
Many of our girls describe Shelburne as their ‘home away from home’. This is partly due to the cohesion across year groups which we really missed last year during Covid-19. It has been such a joy to see year groups socialise with one another across vertical dorms and in mixed year group activities. Our LVI Mons are excellent role models to the younger girls and grasp any opportunity to get to know them better. This term each of the year groups has had a hot chocolate night with the LVI; an informal evening of chatter and laughter.  
Here are some comments on the term so far ‘in our words’:
“I am so thankful to be back to normal this term! House Dinner was lovely, it was nice to meet some of my friend’s parents finally.” (LV pupil) 
“I loved the hot chocolate with the younger years in Mons.” (LVI pupil) 
“House Netball has been such fun. It’s been so great working in a team with other girls, it is a great way to bond!” (UV pupil) 
“Toastie Wednesdays has been really enjoyable, it is lovely to listen to them speak about their day.” (Mrs Penfold, Matron) 

The girls demonstrate such admirable character in all that they do, I find myself inspired as I watch them grow. They deserve a good rest over Long Leave and I hope that they take the opportunity to reflect upon a superb start to the term. 

LVI enjoying hot chocolate with the younger years