Mock Week in Clarence

There is never a dull moment in Clarence and this week has been no exception. The girls have been working extremely hard as it has been ‘Mock Week’ so it’s been heads down with lots of revising. The Clarence Library has never been busier. There has, however, still been time for the many varied activities that go on during the week.

Mrs Waghorn, our Clarence Manager, has been as busy as ever in the Clarence Office. Her days have started with registering the girls with her usual “Good Morning!” ringing out across the courtyard and wishing them good luck for the day ahead. The rest of her day is taken up with the usual phone calls, booking of taxis, keeping track of the varied plans the girls have and submitting those all important Ocado orders for each of the ten houses. One of the highlights of the week is the delivery of food for the girls to make their delicious meals in the kitchens. One house this week will be celebrating the end of exams with lobster…well our Flourishing theme this term has been ‘Nutrition’.

Mrs Waghorn busy in the Clarence Office

Miss Suto, our Resident Matron, (along with Dorothy the Jack Russell) has brought her calming influence to the House with her offerings of herbal tea and essential oils as well as hot water bottles and good advice about sleeping well. Apparently, the favourite herbal tea in Clarence is currently Twinings ‘Digest’ as “it does actually work and doesn’t taste too bad!”

On Thursday evening we have our weekly hot chocolate and cookie night in the Clarence Common Room. It is a great way for us to relax as we chat and laugh about the moments we have had throughout the week. Often funny stories emerge about the girls’ experiences at school from their memories of Junior House to tales of adventures best forgotten.

This past week there was the need to spoil ourselves somewhat, so we enjoyed take away pizzas in houses and held an online ‘Pub Quiz’. The girls did not disappoint and their usual competitive spirit shone through. By the final round Houses four and seven were in joint first place, and so the deciding question was guessing the year I was born. House four managed to age me by six years whilst House seven won the deciding question by being just ‘one year out’!

Our final mock exams have now taken place, the girls deserved a treat, and what a treat it was for Dr Goward to organise a special post-exam Clarence breakfast. The menu included:

  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese, lemon bagels
  • Maple cured bacon rolls
  • English breakfast muffins with crushed avocado, poached eggs
  • Build your own waffles with Greek yogurt and fruits of the forest
  • Build your own Granola with Greek yogurt, honey, fruits of the forest
  • Selection of Juices

It was much appreciated by all and a great way to get back to the business of learning.