The Butler Blog: Walking On Sunshine

The Summer Term is most people’s favourite, and hasn’t it come racing round quickly this year? Butler started with a bang, and we had lots to celebrate as lovely Lara took up her post as Deputy Head Girl. All her Butler ‘sisters’ have been enjoying hearing her message of the week in Big School, and we wish her all the luck in her new role. Consequently, we also welcomed Ahana in her new leadership position as Head of House, and she is doing a fabulous job already! 

The activities for the first Closed Weekend of the Summer were great fun; everyone had a brilliant time on Saturday charging about the inflatables and watching the birds of prey visiting show. The Sunday followed suit, with a dazzling charity Zumbathon to raise money for our elected school charities – Mary’s Meals and Wycombe Refugee Partnership. Such an entertaining and energetic weekend turned out to be the perfect tonic needed ahead of the exam season and the Upper V had a real burst of joy before knuckling down for their Study Leave. 

The GCSEs are now well underway, and we’ve been looking after the Upper V with ‘Happy Cups’: surprise snacks which appear on their study desks when the girls need a little morale boost and a study break! To keep a healthy balance in Butler, we were also delighted to welcome Butler Link Nurse, Anneliese, up for an evening pamper session. She certainly helped the girls relax on a Friday night after a busy week of GCSEs. The Upper V absolutely loved practising their hand massages, playing with a hamper of calming tricks and trinkets, and learning some relaxing breathing strategies to have up their sleeves for when they might need them next. The whole evening was just what the Nurse ordered! 

In the spirit of wellbeing, we’ve also been making good use of our new Aurora Borealis projection lamp, and the Butler girls have enjoyed spending Detox Hour star gazing together under a blanket in the drawing room when they need a few moments of calm. Little did we know we were to have an unexpected visit from the Northern Lights in real life too! 

Meanwhile, the Fourth Form have been busy bonding with the Butler Juniors who will be joining us next year. The girls have been getting to know each other over a series of picnic suppers, and it is so exciting to welcome them into the House. We look forward to fully immersing them into Butler life from September and cannot wait for them to join the family properly. It has been lovely to watch the year groups making time to play together outside in the evenings, and the Junior Butlers already fit right into the merriment. 

The Lower V and Lower VI have also just completed their Summer exams and must be congratulated on all their efforts. Once all their papers were finished, the Lower VI celebrated with a Summer Ball Social alongside Royal Grammar School. An evening of dinner, dancing, and football(!?) was a highlight of the half-term for many, and weren’t they just the belles of the ball! 

Now we look to the final half term of the year, and I cannot believe that we’re here. I know most of the year groups have been busy studying this term, and exams can feel all-consuming when you’re in the thick of it. But remember girls, internal assessments are just another point in your learning journey where you can receive some clear feedback, take stock, and then continue along your path with a clear goal in mind. Take this opportunity to reflect on your progress, commend yourself on what you’ve achieved so far, and set some realistic targets to keep you moving forward. With the right mindset, there’s still plenty of time to make improvements if you need to. Remember, progress – not perfection! 

With so much to be excited about in the final weeks of the Summer, I know we will have a great time in Butler. I wish you all a relaxing and joy-filled break over Long Leave and I look forward to welcoming you back soon. 

With warmest wishes, 

Miss Monteil and the Butler Team