Rubens Summer First Half Term

The start of the Summer term has been one of looking forward to new adventures and friendships. The UIIIs have begun their transition into Rubens and have enjoyed spending quality time with the LIVs and UIVs in several activities, including a picnic in the sunshine. We have enjoyed having them up to Rubens to meet their future sisters and touring them round their new dorms, the common room and the studies. This is an important time for the pupils to build new and exciting relationships with one another and develop friendships that will continue beyond their time at Wycombe Abbey.

We ended the Spring Term in a change from previous years Rubens went out to Zizzis for a meal, followed by some competitive bowling for our House Outing. Mr Joyce was determined to beat his LVI tutees, while Mr Doherty and Mrs Pearce battled it out in the staff game! Following this Rubens had great at House Shout competition, with our rendition of The Script’s ‘Hall of Fame’ putting us in an admirable second position, narrowly beaten by Butler.

A huge Congratulations is order for two of our wonderful Rubens pupils who took their first Holy Confirmation on Sunday 28th April. Amelie (LV) and Ria (LVI) showed great dedication to their Confirmation classes and we are proud of their continued commitment to their spiritual journey.

The Rubens Fourth Form have been hugely busy this term with large numbers of our sisters getting involved in Junior Spotlights. A huge congratulations to Lua (LIV), Anni (LIV), Gracie (LIV), Lara (LIV), Emily (UIV), Bea (UIV), Xinrui (UIV) and Mia (UIV) for their incredible dance performances. A special mention to Emily (UIV) who performed a solo ballet performance which was incredibly beautiful to watch.

The Fourth Form have also been keen to demonstrate their dramatic side this term with many of them successfully auditioning for ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’. Gracie (LIV), Aryana (LIV), Anni (LIV), Lua (LIV), Charlotte (LIV), Mia (UIV), Miranda (UIV), Clemmie (UIV) and Bea (UIV) worked very hard to bring all the characters to life. Their performances on stage were inspiring and made the Rubens staff and pupils so proud to have them as part of our sisterhood.

The last week of this half term saw the highly anticipate House Cricket Funals. Their team demonstrated fantastic teamwork and batting skills and beat the opposition in the Semi Finals bringing them one step closer to the top spot. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, they were just beaten to first place. However, it was wonderful to see the members of Rubens who were not playing out there on the side of pitch cheering their ‘sisters’ on. It was a wonderful display of the close friendships that are developed in the pink palace and the genuine support the pupils have for one another. It was, of course, another excuse to get the traditional pink face paint out!

As we get closer to the end of the Academic Year, it is the best time to reflect on all of the great successes that the Rubens pupils have achieved. Both inside and outside of the classroom, they continue to accomplish incredible achievements and we, as Rubens staff, are in awe of their skills and capabilities. We are all very excited to see what the second half of the Summer Term has in store for us!