Airlie Summer Term Newsletter – Part 1

As we approach the end of another successful half term, I am delighted to share with you our Newsletter for the first half of the Summer Term. It has been a busy few weeks filled with achievements, memorable events, and lots of House Spirit! We have had the Upper III pupils visit Airlie ahead of joining in September, Lunch time concerts, Upper IV performing at Spotlights, House Funals, Weekend Activities, House Chapel Service, Lower VI Summer Ball, and Interhouse Competitions to name a few.  

As the adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” underscores the profound impact a single image can convey. We hope the images presented below act as a storytelling aid and convey the essence of the past half term in Airlie House. 

Airlie House Chapel

On Thursday 23 May, the Airlie pupils delivered the morning Chapel Service for the School Community. Our theme was ‘Liberty’ and the Airlie Lower VI, led by Clarice and Alice created a thoughtful service which centred around this theme. I am delighted to share a poignant extract from a speech delivered by our pupils, encapsulating the spirit that defines our community. 

‘Whilst ‘liberty’ is a term most often heard in legal and political discourse, referring to the quality of being free in society, this morning we will look at the concept as it applies to our school lives. At Wycombe we find ourselves in a unique position of independence: spending the most part of the year away from our families gives us the space to really discover who we are as individuals, giving each one of us the opportunity to mature. We are also given the freedom to pursue personal interests, whether this be developing a new hobby or engaging with an academic subject in greater depth. Lastly, we are fortunate enough to live in an environment which fosters friendship, whether in lessons, on the pitches, or in boarding house dorms, we are free to forge new friendships at all stages of the day. 

Here at Wycombe, we have the freedom to be ourselves, and are lucky enough to have teachers who help us pursue the things that interest us. For our house anthem to close the service, we have chosen a song that encapsulates how it feels to attend a school that fuels our ambitions and opens countless doors: Marvin Gaye’s ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.’  

School Values 

School values serve as guiding principles that shape the culture and ethos of our community. We asked the Airlie pupils to share their favorite school value and explain why it resonates with them. Here are some of their responses: 


Emily, LV: Its important because you have to be able trust the community and House staff that care for everyone. In lessons, you need to trust your teachers because they help you do your best.  

Michelle, UIV: Having your friends back and being honest.  


Olga, LV: Encouragement fosters a collaborative environment, especially in House events and House games when everyone encourages each other.  

Mutual respect 

Chloe, LV: In a boarding environment it’s necessary to have mutual respect for everyone because the community needs to respect each other’s space and privacy. This helps to create a more trusting and homely environment for everyone. 


Natalie, UIV: Showing individuality and character!  

Lilly, LIV: Having a good mix of school life activities and adapting to new situations.  


Michelle, UIV: Always reaching the best of your abilities and breaking out of your comfort zone.  

Natalie, UIV: Trying your best no matter what!  

Isabelle & Elaine, LV: It is rewarding to get commendations in lessons for good preps or classwork and getting Airlie Award treats in House for doing something.  


Lilly, LIV: Going the extra mile and trying new things!  

Helen, LV: I love Art! It is fun to try new techniques and experiment.  

Michelle, UIV: Challenging your horizons and being open minded to new solutions.  


Poppy, LIV: Service to your friends and school community is important because it’s good to help other people.  


Georgie LIV: It is very important to balance your academic lessons with friendship, sport, art, drama and music because it is fun to try new things and do lots of activities.