Spring Term Overview

Writing this end of term newsletter I find myself in a haze of elation and exhaustion. The Spring Term is short but jam-packed with a variety of events and activities, from sporting fixtures, academic competitions, trips, Music, Drama and inter-House events. Barry pupils have been incredibly busy but not fazed by the fast-paced environment in which they live and thrive.

My advice to the girls has always been to do their best, have fun, reflect and develop. Clelia, Cosima, Addison, Anisiya, Issy, Mia, Marta, Tilly, Ellie and Tori have represented the School at Lacrosse nationals. Annabelle and Sophia are national netball winners. Barry pupils show fierce House spirit during House games – they may not come first but they are truly supportive of one another and are willing to step up and represent their House when needed. It is worth noting that whole House successes, whether girls are competing in their specialist sport, trying it out for the first time, or indeed supporting from the sidelines, it very much is a collective House achievement. They should all feel immensely proud.

Our musicians have also been terribly busy. Abbey, Emily, Clelia, Estelle, Leanna, Chloe, Frances, Mia, Freddie, Claudia, Angela and Yau Yau spent many hours practicing for the 125 Concert. Mia, Chloe and Claudia should be commended for participating in six or more pieces, they are – incredibly talented.

Claudia, Angela and Mons were busy getting the House ready to perform Angel Eyes at House Shout at the end of term and it was great to have Yau Yau back to accompany them on the piano. They have certainly set the bar high for next year’s event. Our pupils have also featured regularly at lunchtime concerts. They have a fairly demanding Music schedule but always produce fantastic performances. I am looking forward to 125 live on Saturday 23 April.

Abbey, Clelia, Imogen, Nicola, Layo performed in the iconic Sister Act Musical, one of the best School performances I have seen in my 26 years of teaching. I really enjoyed the energetic and humorous performance from the whole cast. Drama definitely brings out another side to the girls and I would encourage all Barry girls to participate in future performances, it definitely builds camaraderie and friendship across the School and it is not only those on stage who deserve the plaudits, Leanna and Tess gave technical support for the show which helped make it the success it was, great job girls!

The girls are also performing extremely well academically (reassuringly so!). In the Intermediate Maths Challenge, eight girls were awarded gold certificates (well done to Gloria, Abigail, Yau Yau, Cindy, Mia, Evie, Chloe, Daisy), and numerous other girls received silver and bronze. Clelia has also achieved a Silver Award in the foundation level of the Linguistics Olympiad. In House, we have also earned at least 303 commendations this term, with Kate and Estelle leading the way. I would like to see Barry win the coveted commendation shield next term – it is definitely within reach.

Barry Mons were awarded many School leadership positions for next year; Tori (Sports Captain, Netball Captain); Maya (School Artist); Claudia ( Head of Choir); Penny (Sustainability Officer); Argia (MUN Secretary General); Amelie (MUN Secretariat, Debating Officer); Nico ( School Librarian, Rowing Captain) and Katie (Equestrian Captain). The House tutors, staff and pupils are proud of their achievements. Well done.

As is traditional at the end of the Spring Term, House Colours were awarded at our final House Order. Girls are awarded 1st and 2nd House Colours (which earns them a badge). Each of these are achieved through service to the House across a range of disciplines and reflect commitment, discipline, determination and a positive demeanour and attitude within, and for, Barry community. House Colours were awarded as follows; Second House Colours: Clelia, Lucia, Eva, Cosima, Anisiya,Tilly and Issy. First House Colours: Nico, Rahi, Claudia, Mia and Tori. The Winnie the Pooh trophy (awarded to a pupil who just gets on with it with minimum fuss) was awarded to Abila.

I very much hope to award many more at the end of the year and that your daughters will embrace the numerous opportunities to represent Barry over the coming term. I would like to take this opportunity of wishing you and your family a blessed and happy Easter.

Barry House placed 2nd for House Shout – A super-duper performance of Angel Eyes.