Airlie Spring Term Newsletter

Congratulations to Sharen, LVI & Harriat, LVI

The second half of our Spring Term continued with just as much excitement as our first half. The Friday morning school meeting in the Spring Term when Mrs Duncan announces the new School Officers and Head Girl Team is always an exciting event. This year the meeting took place in Chapel where pupils and staff eagerly awaited the news.

On Friday 11 March, our Head of House Harriat was named as Head Girl for the 2022 – 2023 academic year. The Airlie House staff, and I would like to congratulate Harriat on her wonderful new role within our School community. We wish her every success when she, and the Head Girl team commence their role in September. We would also like to congratulate Sharen, LVI, who will take on the roles as School Pianist, Digital Officer, and Badminton Captain in September.

The Airlie House staff, and I are extremely proud and look forward to seeing Harriat and Sharen flourishing in their new roles.

Airlie Pupil Highlights from the Spring Term

These are just a few of the highlights from the past term and I am sure that the Summer Term will bring many more!

Aubrey, UIV: “Representing Airlie in Table Tennis at House Games and my Latin lessons.”

Harriat, LVI: “Last Friday getting Head of School!”

Jasmine, UIV: “Doing dance in PE. It’s so fun, I love it.”

Gabrielle, UV: “MUN. It was my first conference, and it was nice to be able to finally do it!”

Coco, UIV: “When I discovered how good the ham and cheese croissants at the courtyard cafe are!”

Isabelle, LIV: “Netball and Lacrosse at House Games.”

Tania, UV: “My teachers at Dance.”

Tomilola, LV: “House Games Lacrosse!”

Alice, LV: “Winning Kahoots in Latin with my friends.”

Ella, UIV: “Trampolining and House Games Basketball.”

Megan, UV: “Performing in Sister Act!”

Airlie House Funals, Spring Term 2022
Baking with LIV and UIV pupils
Confirmation celebration! Sasha, UIV, Jasmine, UIV and Tomilola, LV.
Airlie House Lacrosse Team, Spring Term 2022.
Airlie House Lacrosse Team, Spring Term 2022
Maths Society Annual ‘Pi Day’ Decorating Competition

Airlie Family Tree

When a pupil joins their Senior House, they join a House family tree. This is a vital part of our boarding community and a wonderful sub-structure for pupils in different year groups to get to know and support each other. In the family tree unit, pupils are allocated a Housemother, which is a pupil in the year above them. The role of the Housemother is an extremely traditional and incredibly important role. Housemothers help a new pupil with the routine of the Boarding House, answer questions they may have and share a dorm with their Housedaughter in the first term to help them settle into School life. House family trees start Lower Fourth and by the time pupils reach Lower Sixth, they are great-great-grand mothers to pupils joining the House. Some of our pupils shared their thoughts on what their family tree means to them.

“Family trees are a unique part of the culture at Wycombe that make the experience in mixed-year Houses more enjoyable. This year especially, Airlie has been doing many activities and competitions in family tree teams, including flying paper airplanes, building the highest house of cards, and much more. Receiving multiple advent calendars at Christmas from your family isn’t the only perk of having family trees – the tradition means each Airlie pupil has a special group of people to rely on for support, and to take extra pride in being ‘related’ to.”

Vivian, LVI

“My family tree has been a crucial part of my journey in Wycombe Abbey. They have provided me with support, encouragement, and a sense of belonging in Airlie.”

Hojung, UV

“Having a family tree feels like having older and younger sisters. When I first joined Airlie, it was a great way for me to bond with people in different years, and I think that it taught me how to have friends in different years.”

Zenia, LV

“Personally, my family tree means comfort and support. It has given me people that I can never fail to rely on and talk to, which is crucial when having family living abroad and trying to balance school life. I am extremely grateful for the family tree that has brought me closer to not only special people in different year groups but tightened my sense of Airlie community.”

Michelle, UV

“I think that family trees make for a really nice sense of community, with not only fun games nights but also an aspect of support from your peers. If you are nervous about exams, it’s great to be able to ask an older girl for advice since they have done it before and having a Housemother makes that easier.”

Allegra, LV