House Music success!

The Summer Term started on a high as we carried over our celebrations from winning the House Song Competition on the last day of the previous Term. Each House gave a strong performance, showing off vocals, dance routines and props as we came together in Chapel to restart this school tradition. Thank you to the LVI who worked hard leading rehearsals, choreographing routines and choosing a medley from ‘Pitch Perfect’ for our winning piece. A particular well done to House Conductors, Charmaine and Jocelyn. It was a proud moment to lift the trophy! 

House ‘Funals’ was a good day for Butler too at the end of term, securing first place in netball and narrowly losing during extra time in the lacrosse final against Rubens House. The orange Butler Army was out in force once again and it was great to see the rest of the House supporting along the courts and on pitch side. It is events such as these which have been greatly missed over the last couple of years and we are delighted to see House spirit shining through. As term progresses, focus turns to tennis, athletics and cricket for the summer season. 

Our House Outing was exciting as we took to the racetrack, learning how to drive go-karts on a glow in the dark course followed by a pizza supper treat. It was the first time many had tried go-karting but everyone had a go and as time went on, confidence and speed increased! It was our first House Outing for over two years so a very memorable occasion and fun for staff and pupils to end the term. 

As we enjoy more time outdoors in the sunshine, this is balanced with revision during exam season. In-House activities such as Book Club, swing ball sessions on the lawns and Feelgood Fridays are key times to switch off from schoolwork and spend time with friends in different year groups. Recent fruit platters have been enjoyed and a guest visit from Mrs Mac’s chocolate Labrador called Freya lifted everyone’s spirits! Making use of our beautiful 170 acre campus, pupils enjoyed a walk with Freya through the Meadow, spotting some roe deer in the evening sunshine. We hope Mrs Mac brings her every week now!  

The School community enjoyed a Closed Weekend with a mobile farm joining us for an afternoon alongside inflatable assault courses, BBQ and an ice cream van. Time spent outdoors with friends is a great way to switch off at the weekend after a busy week and prepare for the next. Seeing baby goats, Shetland ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, chicks and sheep brightened up everyone’s day no matter what age! 

Our incoming Junior House pupils had a fun-filled evening as they dropped in for a Senior House visit. Playing Jenga with the current LIV and potential House Mothers they discussed life in Butler and what they are looking forward to for next academic year. Once the games were over, artistic flair took hold with some interesting architectural designs produced from the building blocks! We look forward to seeing you again very soon.  

Dara has now written her final Chapel service as House Sacristan, based on the importance of building meaningful relationships, linking to one of Dame Frances Dove’s original aims for the School. Friendship and support for one another are an important part of our boarding school community and this was demonstrated through the readings being given by Dara’s LVI peers who she has built these relationships with for the past six years. They talked about the opportunities which they have been involved in such as MUN, sports teams, music groups, dance troupes and drama productions, as well as building more informal relationships in the Boarding Houses with younger pupils through prep help and chats in the dorm. Tracy played beautifully as the congregation processed into the Chapel too. It was a lovely start to the day! 

As it is the School’s 125th Anniversary year we have been treated to a Junior Arts soirée incorporating music and drama performances, Junior Spotlights dance show and 125 Live! which took us on an artistic journey from when the School was founded. A big well done must go to all Butler representatives for their musical performances, drama pieces and dancing. Seeing sport, music and drama combine was a special collaboration and we recognize the time that goes into rehearsals for these events for every pupil alongside juggling their academic work and Extras – you did it brilliantly! 

Good luck to all for the remaining exams and have a great Long Leave with friends and family!