Pitt House – Summer Term

Throughout this half term the girls have been incredibly busy, especially those girls sitting public examinations for the first time in three years and internal examinations.

The UV girls have been sitting their IGCSE / GCSE examinations since the beginning of May and are steadily working through each subject and paper. I am full of admiration for them, especially the manner  which they are coping with the added stress and pressure that they are facing, The UV Common Room has been a hive of activity; group and individual revision work alongside much needed time out, watching a film or an episode of their latest favourite series. We wish them huge amounts of luck in the weeks after Long Leave as they complete their final examinations.

Good Luck Pitt UV

Weekend Activities

Each weekend in School there are a wide range of activities for the girls to participate in and last weekend a large number of girls went to ‘Go Ape’. The girls had the most fabulous time; here are their thoughts:

“Throughout the course of the Summer Term, there have been lots of fun weekend activities on offer including shopping trips, a petting zoo, movie nights, and many more. Last weekend, my friends and I went to Go Ape, treetop climbing in the Wendover woods. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was so much fun. Although I have a small fear of heights, I was with lots of my friends, so luckily, I didn’t get too scared! We were up in the trees for around an hour, and somehow managed to get across all the different obstacles without getting stuck! My favourite part was the zip wire, I found it exhilarating. I am so glad that School has so many amazing weekend activities on offer, it’s great to have a break from some of the stresses that come with school life.” 


Genevieve & Freya, Pitt UIV at Go Ape


Throughout the week the girls in the House, participate in a wide range of extras, from Speech and Drama to Living Tennis, from Polo to Fencing and many more. Here is what some of our Polo players have to say about their activities;

“The riding and polo is fantastic and it adds a totally different dimension to our week “.

The girls always return tired but having thoroughly enjoyed pursuing their passion

Here Allegra comments about her experiences:

I haven’t been riding for very long, I started just about 2 years ago when I got my first horse Clarina. Although not everything went to plan, I still loved her, and she taught me so much. Unfortunately, after 9 months of having her, she had to go back to Italy. I then started looking for horses, we searched in Italy and Spain, yet we found nothing, luckily a few weeks later I found my perfect fit ‘Call Me Naliere’. She took me from 80 all the way up to 1:10 and my goal ever since has been to reach 1:20 by the end of the year.

Competing with her I have been able to place in many important competitions such as: the winter league final (1st), gran premio trofeo consell (2nd), CSN* la Gubia (2nd), hippodromo (1st), la Gubia (1st).

Allegra, Pitt UIV

Freya writes below about her own equestrian achievements:

These past few years have been very exciting. I started my journey on the international circuit at the age of 12 on my old horse, jumping and placing in the lower categories, until August 2021 when I found my current horse Cancasco Z. Since then, I have progressed from jumping the 1m10’s to being placed in 1m30 Grand Prix’s and coming 2nd in my recent Nations Cup, in the individual section where I represented my country (Monaco). This led to me being selected by our country’s team trainer, the Olympic gold medallist Phillipe Rozier to compete in what is my last year in the children’s category in this year’s Jumping European Championships. These are being held in Spain in July, where I hope to try and win a medal! In the coming years I hope to keep expanding my string of horses as I try to jump in the team in the Junior’s category in the Europeans again next year, alongside my other teammates and progress to the 1m40/1m45 classes. I will hopefully also be competing alongside my younger sister in the coming years, as she aims to follow along with her 2 horses to compete in next year’s children’s category.

Freya, Pitt UIV

Acada comments

During my time at Wycombe my riding career has progressed extensively; especially this year as I joined the Polo team. In all honesty it felt a bit daunting to start a new sport, but that feeling fled quickly as I had my first lesson. Since then, I have fallen in love with the sport and learnt so much from it. From learning how to adapt quickly in a chukka situation to learning that Savanah (my current favourite pony) adores mint polos. I am yet to play my first match but hopefully by this summer I will have successfully done so. I’m so glad that I’m able to have this opportunity and I can’t wait to see what other possibilities this sport brings!


Each week Mia takes part in Lacrosse both in School and externally for a local club. Recently she has been selected for the England Lacrosse Academy which is a  fabulous achievment. Here she writes about her enjoyment of Wycombe Abbey’s main sport and her journey.

“I am so grateful to have discovered my love for lacrosse at Wycombe; it immediately became one of my biggest passions. I had the privilege of co-captaining the U13 squad this past season, and I am very proud of the progress we have made. We started out with a loss of 10:1 on our very first match of the season, but it has been onwards and upwards since then. We went on to win our county tournament and came 4th in the lacrosse nationals which was an enormous triumph. After that, a few from our team were selected for the England Lacrosse Talent Pathway trials, and thankfully hard work having paid off, myself and many of my teammates were selected. During the season, I spend my time going to external clubs, and weekend matches, to keep improving my skills. After such a successful year, I plan to carry on playing for many more years to come!”

Mia, Pitt LIV

Mia, Pitt LIV, as part of the winning LIV Lacrosse Team

And Finally…

Friday April 29 saw the Clarence Leavers Service and Dinner take place. It was a lovely opportunity for the Upper Sixth Girls to be together in their Houses and to see so many parents back at Wycombe Abbey after so long. The UVI girls in Pitt have been an enormous asset to the House during their time and in Clarence. They have all truly developed into marvellous young women with so much to offer from their individual and group experiences at WA. The UVI year can be challenging with university applications and completing their A levels however, with their usual steely and determined approach, all the girls have done themselves proud. We will miss you all.

Upper Sixth Pitt