House Blog Spring Second Half of Term 2022

Another busy half term has passed in the pink house and the 67 girls of Rubens continue to shine brightly right to the end of the Spring Term. One of the most special events of the Spring Term is Confirmation. This year, six Rubens girls took part in this significant service. It was a lovely afternoon for everyone and all the girls were supported by their families and Miss Hoyle. Congratulations to Ash, Venetia, Ambika, Sydney, Maddie and Paris on your Confirmation day.

This term, Rubens also welcomed their newest and fluffiest sister to the House, Ruby the Golden Retriever puppy. The Rubens family have been so excited to get to know her and come to see her for cuddles. Miss Hoyle is looking forward to taking her for walks through the paddock with our other House dog, Hero the Black Labrador, who is very excited to have a new friend in the House. The dogs will also provide helpful re-charging opportunities as we go into the lighter and longer evenings of summer.

Serena and Ruby getting on famously!

We are very proud of all the Rubens girls who took part in Sister Act this term. Huge congratulations to Elisia, Mati, Sky, Isabelle who sang their hearts out as nuns and Ashley who worked under the cover of darkness as part of the stage crew working their magic behind the scenes. The audience were completely captivated by the heart and joy of this show. We all raised our voices with glee as the cast charged through this fun romp of a show. After all the trials that the cast have faced with Covid-19, it felt very special to watch all the girls celebrate the power of live performance.

The Sixth Form are coming to the end of their final Spring Term in their senior House. After the summer, they will all move over to Clarence House for their Upper Sixth experience. It is therefore a natural point for the two leaders of the House, Kizzy and Bea, to reflect on their time in Rubens.

Deputy Head of House, Bea: What Rubens means to me

Rubens is more than the pink tie, stunning facilities, and the relief of arriving home after a long day of lessons. To me, Rubens is special. It’s the community and ethos that welcomes you as soon as you walk in the doors – from arriving as a timid 12-year-old in my second year, I quickly came to the realisation that some of my best memories would come from the family I’d just entered. One of the most amazing things about the Rubens family is the pure nature of the girls: compassionate, loyal and caring. From growing up surrounded by friends both above and below me in the School, my family tree really made me feel like a valued member of this complex Wycombe bubble that can be easy to find yourself lost in. Feeling included and part of a sisterhood like Rubens ultimately has made my experience at Wycombe so special. Whether it be walking in the doors to be greeted by a hot chocolate, a Labrador, or a rather pink common room filled with Percy Pigs, Rubens feels like a home, not a House, and never fails to put a smile on my face!

Head of House, Kizzy: Things I have learned as Head of House

I remember the Big School where we found out Prefect roles like it was yesterday – I was sat at home texting what seemed like a million people while we waited to hear who from our year would be chosen as what. When my name was read I honestly couldn’t believe it, I was shocked but ecstatic – of course I thought I had a chance and had slightly gotten my hopes up, but I really wasn’t expecting it. Over the summer I slightly forgot all about school, as I’m sure everyone did. When we got back to school I was greeted by all the House staff welcoming me back as Head of House. I think that’s when it first properly hit me that I was actually Head of House. Pretty much the whole of the first term I was slightly surprised whenever I was reminded what my role was, but I can honestly say that so far I have loved every aspect of it. Being Head of House has improved my confidence, communication and somehow helped my previously terrible organisation skills! However, the main thing that I have learnt so far through my role is that everything is better if you can surround yourself with people who will help and support you. I know it sounds clichéd, but I’ve realised that it is clichéd for a reason. I am so lucky to be surrounded by all the other Lower Sixth who are always willing to help me and of course the incredible House staff who are always so supportive of us all.