Cloister House News

Welcome to the second edition of Cloister House news! The second half of the Spring Term has been no less busy and enjoyable than the first, and I remain in admiration of the girls of Cloister who manage to give so much of their time and energy to different projects around School, and still have plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company in the evening and have a chat with House Staff.

Following Long Leave, we were very fortunate to be able to welcome our House’s parents in for dinner, and we spent an enjoyable evening catching up with each other after the hiatus of the last couple of years. The House enjoyed a street food style dinner based on Mexican, Thai and Italian dishes, paired with delicious mocktails. We were able to run a raffle during the evening, and we were very grateful to all those who donated prizes and bought raffle tickets. The money we raised was split between the School’s charities and Amaya (UV)’s own charity which she runs with her tennis coach, Tennis4theWorld.

Some members of the House have been very busy preparing for the School Musical this half term. Annabel (UIV), Alice (UIV), Manuela (UIV), Sophie (LVI) and Funto (LVI) all played their parts in Sister Act to great acclaim from the rest of the House. Everyone from Cloister in the audience returned to House singing their praises and some went to see the play more than once as they had enjoyed it so much! Kimberly (LV) said, “It was great to be able to relax from school work for a couple of hours and the play was fantastic! There were lots of laughs and I thought that the acting was Hollywood-level. I really enjoyed it!”

The Cloister House Chapel service, written by our House Sacristan, Biobele (LVI), focused on an inspirational woman and Biobele produced an excellent service that looked at the achievements of Malala Yousafzai. She reminded us that whether we were inspiring others or being inspired ourselves, even a quiet voice can be the loudest in the silence. One of our House conductors, Mari (LVI) was instrumental in organising the music for the service. This featured Poppy (UV) playing the piano and Catherine (LIV) singing during a moment of quiet reflection during the service and I was so proud of the House for what they had produced.

This term we have been looking for ways to encourage ourselves to take time out during each busy week. We have renovated some areas in House to have a more quiet and peaceful setting and Alisha (UV) is pleased with the new area to get lost in her book!

Our Dorm Quiz this term reached its epic finale tonight, involving the finalists speeding around the House to complete a Selfie Challenge. We are very grateful to Miss Humphries and Mrs Hyde for organising and supervising the Dorm Quiz this term and congratulations must go to Pip (UV) and Jodie’s (UV) dorm, who were the overall winners! 

It has been a pleasure to enjoy the company of Cloister House this half term and we have had an enjoyable and successful term. We hope that everyone has a great Easter break and look forward to more fun-packed weeks in the Summer Term.