Cloister in March

It has been productive and enjoyable term in Cloister. We have ended on a real high with Laila being given the role of Head Girl. It is such a huge achievement and we are so proud of her. Amaya has been promoted to Head of House and I am sure that she will be a wonderful in this role. The L6th in general have been so wonderful this year, and I continue to be amazed with all that they achieve. Cloister is so lucky to be led by such an inspirational group of girls.  

We have continued to be very busy in House with activities. Some highlights of the term have been mocktail making, choc-ice challenge and fruity Friday! The end of term always brings our House outing and this term we chose to go to Laser Quest. The pupils were divided into three teams, each with a mix of different year groups. The games lasted for 20 minutes and in between each group had pizza and nibbles. The girls were really competitive, and the games were very close. It was a lovely evening for the House to come together, and relax as a group.  

Cloister has continued to have a successful term on the sports pitch under the leadership of our sports captain Pip. She has written this report for the term  

“This term Cloister has continued in good stride. After our previous netball success, we matched this in lacrosse and lots of girls are representing the house in funals. Many Cloister girls have been involved in a range of sports outside of house games, namely in lacrosse, tennis, and squash national and regional finals. Good luck and fingers crossed for House funals!” 

 The end the Easter term always brings the dance show ‘Highlights’. We have some very talented dancers and gymnasts in Cloister and it is wonderful to see them all come together in this spectacular show. Isabella was in many dances, but the Bridgeton Ballet was a firm favourite. Ashley did a wonderful ballet piece, and Emma’s High School Musical piece really had people out of their seats! Laila and Chloe were both in the gymnastics display and were incredible with their piece. The evening involved a lot of hard work, but it really paid off!  

Cloister have continued to take part in lots of music events. Bella was a part of two groups in the Roc Soc concert, and really impressed with her versatility on the guitar.   Lots of girls went down to cheer her on, as they performed alongside Harrow School. Bella’s band were also invited to play in a Battle of the Bands competition in High Wycombe over Short Leave. It was a huge achievement, and the evening was a real success! On the last day of term we will be competing in ‘House Shout’ with an ABBA remix. Poppy and Alisha have worked so hard creating the mix, and leading the girls in their rehearsals. This is not a small task, and I am sure that all this hard work will pay off. Cloister girls have also been taking part in lunchtime concerts and taking music exams.  

A highlight of the term has to be EDI week, in which many of the girls took part. Isabella and Eleanor gave a really excellent speech as part of the TedX talk evening. The talk was titled ‘How History has Shaped Women’s Healthcare Today’ and was incredibly informative. Eleanor and Isabella were the youngest girls to give a talk and spoke so well. The Cultural fair had stalls from different countries from around the world from Nigeria to Lebanon. It was wonderful to speak to girls from all over the globe about their homes and cultures.  

It has been a wonderful term, and I wish everyone a restful Easter Holiday.