Wendover House News 8: Our favourite memories

The end of Spring Term is here and it is lovely that the evenings are getting lighter and I am keeping my fingers crossed for no more snow this academic year! I always forget quite how busy the Spring Term is.

Dorm runs in the sunshine!

I thought that I would change the format to our usual blog posts and I have asked the Wendover girls to write down their favourite memories or moments from their times in Wendover thus far. I will weave photos from throughout the term in-between. I hope you enjoy reading what the girls have to say.

“There are a lot of Wendover games that have been passed down through year groups such as Reflex Orange. It was fun battling Lola and Cassandra and having Miss Blunt chaperone!”

“Playing Wii together in the TV room”

“Daws Hill rounders on a Tuesday evening in the Summer term with Miss Franks”

Cultural Fair Stalls

“Fairies, Dining Room and other Wendover traditions”

“Christmas dinner- it is really fun and we get to spend time with our House Families”

“Singing with people in my dorm”

LIV and UIII Quiz Night

“Playing in House Funals. I love competing with all the different year groups – especially in Lacrosse!”

“Fairies for the first time in LIV! I had no idea what was happening and Miss Blunt was great at fooling us!”

“Waking up at 6.45am to kill Lara in House Cluedo and then getting straight back into bed afterwards!”

The Petting Zoo came to Wycombe Abbey

“Dorm Feasts and all the House outings. Also Christmas dinner with our House families!”

“When Nathalie, Caitlyn, Kendra, Arya and I came back from the Eden Centre and we thought we were being followed but it turned out to be Mr Reid walking back to school too!”

“Fairies in LIV as I had no idea and it was all thanks to Miss Blunt’s top-knotch acting!”

2023: Sister drama in Uno Flip it, our new favourite game!

“Singing hymns in the dorm!”

“Every memory in mixed-age dorms as they are the best! I love reflex orange and also Miss Blunt’s nighttime pranks when we are not in bed on time!”

“Being in a dorm with people that you come to know and love…and all of the post 10pm chats, that the House Staff love so much!”

UIV Tutor Breakfast


“Being a part of the Wendover community, having fun in dorms, our house families and all of our House spirit.”

“Watching Titanic for the first time and Miss Blunt thought that I was dying as I was crying so much!”

“Fairies- it is so much fun!”

“I love when Miss Blunt sings us to sleep.”

“I loved hiding Colette’s mattress with Indira”

“When we built a tower using spaghetti and marshmallows in House Families.”

Pancake Day

I hope that you have the most wonderful Easter holidays with your daughters. I know that for some it will be full of revision but I encourage them to take regular breaks, to make time to watch their favourite TV shows, to read for enjoyment and to spend time with their families. Balance between hard work and time for rest and reflection is such a key part to success. I hope they find some of this during the holiday period. I can not wait to hear the tales from the girls who are going away on school trips this holiday too. We have girls going on trips to Peru, USA, Portugal and the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. I look back at my school trips with such wonderful memories made with my friends and I hope they enjoy exploring our wonderful planet.

I wish you all a happy and healthy Easter and look forward to seeing you for the final term of the academic year!