Cloister Blog Summer Half Term 1

Daws Hill Rounders 

We have been savouring the golden hours and longer evenings up at Daws Hill – there’s no better way to enjoy time together outside than with friendly games of rounders.  

Getting together with Shelburne and Wendover to play a few times a week is always a highlight of the Summer Term. It is so lovely to see girls of all ages and abilities joining in and encouraging each other from Upper III to Lower VI. There is a lot of silliness and humour mixed in with some spectacular sportsmanship, stylish saves and near-misses. Shouts of “big hitter!” carry across the grounds, as well as singing along to favourite songs while batting or fielding.  

Cake Sale and Donut Decorating

This term, it was Cloister’s turn to organise a charity fundraising initiative to raise money for our school charity – Mary’s Meals. We spent the Short Leave busily baking and decorating our supplies, and, on the first day back, headed to the Courtyard Café to sell our delicious wares at break and teatime. It was a real team effort to lay out all the cakes, and handle the rush of customers! We had girls professionally managing cash, and card payments, and, most important, and take part in price negotiations. Overall, we raised just over £170 – well done to everyone involved, and thank you to all who contributed.

Welcoming New Pupils

Another highlight of this half term has been welcoming our current Upper IIIs in preparation for them joining us in September as Lower IVs. They met the current Lower IV for an evening dinner (and an impromptu game of hide-and-seek!) – it was a great chance for the younger girls to ask questions and hear from current Cloister pupils in a friendly setting. I was so pleased with the maturity our Lower IVs showed in welcoming the new girls. Recently, the Upper IIIs also came up the hill to Cloister for a picnic with the Upper IVs. The older girls managed the evening by themselves, from a picnic to games, a tour of the boarding house and an inter-house rounders game. They showed great initiative and sense of humour – leading everyone in a game of mafia over dinner, which was very well received.

Exams and Revision

Now it would be impossible to write about this half term without mentioning the exam season. The Upper V, Lower VI and Lower V have worked extremely hard, and I am so proud with how they have handled what can be quite a stressful time. They have taken revision, changes of schedule and routine in their stride and I am certain they will be pleased when their results come in. Lower IV and Upper IV pupils will be sitting their exams when we return from Long Leave and, whilst I would encourage them to think about some revision over the break, it is important  for all of our Cloister girls to get some well needed rest and downtime.

As I head in to my last half term as Cloister Housemistress, I want to thank you once again for all the support and encouragement I have received from you and your daughters. There is nothing quite like the Summer Term in Daws Hill! Now for four more weeks of (hopefully) sun and (definitely) laughter. We look forward to seeing you on Dove Day!