Senior House Events

It’s always a pleasure to return to School for the Summer Term. The lighter evenings and warmer weather bring far more opportunities to play outside and enjoy our amazing grounds; it is a true privilege to have them at Wycombe Abbey.

Alongside the usual outdoor activities, Junior House have also been busy preparing for end-of-year exams and looking forward to the exciting transition to Senior Houses. Wycombe’s unique boarding structure uses a diamond formation: all girls entering Upper III (Year 7) join Junior House. In Lower IV (Year 8), they move to one of nine Senior Houses, fostering a strong sense of community across the School. They will then reunite as a year group in Upper VI (Year 13) when they join Clarence House. 

Now settled into both the School routines and expectations, and having formed a strong bond as a year group in Junior House, the girls’ focus naturally shifts towards the next stage in their journey – Senior Houses. This term, they have participated in a series of events designed to help them get to know their Senior Houses better. The first event was a delightful supper in the Courtyard Café, where they sat with their designated Senior House groups. Good food and lively conversations have helped to pave the way for new friendships to blossom. 

This excitement continued with a much-anticipated evening of picnic suppers at their Senior Houses. The sun shone and this provided a fantastic opportunity for the girls to not only explore the House and check out their future dorms, but also to bond with new housemates through fun get-to-know-you games like “duck, duck, goose” and “Who am I?” The Daws Hill Houses even joined forces for a golden hour of House Rounders, fostering some friendly inter-House competition. 

“I really enjoyed seeing Barry for the first time, it was exciting to meet some of the older girls in my House and I really enjoyed seeing what my home away from home was going to look like for the next 6 years. The games we played were fun and helped me get to know everybody quite a bit more, the older girls gave tips on summer exams and our Housemistress made a delicious make-your-own sandwich bar, which had lots of yummy ingredients. Such events are a great way to get to know your House and the people in it, and is a great introduction to Senior Houses.” – Persephone 

“During my Senior House visit I was able to experience the lovely and warm environment of Shelburne, and I was able to explore the all the corners of Cloister and we both got to meet and be part of the exciting community at Daws Hill and enjoy a game of Rounders together. – Sasha & Clara  

“My time visiting Cloister has been great! We  have had so many fun experiences: like playing rounders and getting toured. All the different years have been so nice and welcoming and overall it was a nice glimpse of what life there would be like.” – Victoria 

“I have really been enjoying the recent Senior House events. When we went up to Shelburne, we played rounders and it was a lot of fun. We have had a few Courtyard events and it was exciting talking to the Lower IV in Shelburne.” – Anjola 

The final Senior House event of the half-term provided a welcome respite in the midst of Upper III examinations; a delicious barbeque relocated to the Courtyard Café due to the weather. This allowed the girls to relax and enjoy some quality time with friends. 

Looking ahead, one more House event awaits the girls next half-term, offering another chance to visit their Senior Houses. Prior to the Short Leave, parents will also have the opportunity to meet their daughters’ new Housemistresses and some of the other House staff. 

When we return from the Long Leave, we will celebrate the final few weeks of this cohort’s time in Junior House with a variety of fun activities. This includes a special House Outing on the last night of the School year, and the highly anticipated Upper III residential trip to Wales.