Wendover House Spirit!

There is nothing that I love more than coming back to House after a long day teaching down the hill. I know our Wendover girls feel the same too. This is the reason why this term we have had a big focus on celebrating the Wendover community: what makes it special and why we feel so lucky to call this our home away from home.

Wendover were given the very first House Chapel service in the newly formatted tradition of girls putting together a sermon and preparing a House Song. We now only do one across the School year as there are now Year Group led services. This means that by doing just one we had to give it our fully welly and commitment. Wendover girls, as usual were very much up for the challenge. Our team of readers spoke about our theme of Courage with enthusiasm and confidence. They researched the work of Brene Brown and shared with the School their belief that courage is more nuanced than grand acts of bravery but most importantly includes the ability to be vulnerable and to embrace small acts of courage each and every day. Our House Anthem Shake It Off by Taylor Swift was a highlight- with choreographed dance moves and passion like we have never seen before at 8.20am they got a well-deserved round of applause from the rest of the School. I have included a snippet of an early rehearsal below.

The girls represented the House with pride in many sporting events over the term but the two in particular that most stand out for me are House Cross Country and House Swimming. Two events that only a few are truly enthusiastic about participating in, but I was so proud of those that donned their red house games tops and swimming hats to get much needed points for Wendover. Those that did not participate cheered with ferocity and pride for their Wendover team mates.

I love coming together each Spring Term to celebrate Chinese New Year with the House community. It is such an important time for so many Wendover girls and it was lovely to hear all about the customs and traditions that they do with their families when home. Miss Franks ran her ever popular Bubble Tea bar and the girls loved decorating the House for the Year of the Dragon. I just wanted to send a quick message to all of the Wendover families who celebrate Chinese New Year. I hope that this is a happy transition for you and all of your family. I hope that you enjoy having your daughters back home to celebrate and I wish you nothing joy and peace for the year ahead.

This term I have reintroduced Housemistress Breakfasts. The tutors will often pop up and have breakfast with their tutor group in our beautiful dining room and I often feel very jealous so decided to bring back my own breakfasts with the girls, a tradition that had not been brought back following Covid. I bring some berries and smoothies to go along with the delicious food made by Barbara each morning too. I play some of the music from my teenage years and it is a lovely chance to catch up with each year group in a fun setting. I look forward to this continuing next half term and will defiantly make sure to continue it into the Summer.

This term has also seen a Spirit Week across the School to celebrate our school-wide community. The Wendover LVI leaders decided to bring this up to House and led some events to bring us all together with some of our favourite traditions. We saw Bingo competitively played, a House themed cake baked and a House Family quiz. Milly and Cecily wrote and chaired the quiz and they wrote two brilliant rounds on the history of Wendover House and the local town called Wendover. I love when I get the chance to sit back and see the eldest in our House lead the rest in an activity or fun event; I always leave very proud Housemistress.

We hope that you enjoy a fun and restful holiday with your daughter. They all deserve a fantastic break from the hard work!