Rubens House Blog Spring Term First Half

Spring is slowly starting to make an appearance in Rubens this half term and we have embraced the pace of 2024 and the new challenges that it brings to the pink palace. The Rubens team made a brilliant effort at the House Cross Country with the whole house running to gain those precious points that could take us to sporting victory. I am always so impressed when I see all the Rubens sisters look after each other at an event like Cross Country. For some girls, Cross Country is an exhilarating thrill to represent your house and charge through the green grounds of our school. But for others, Cross Country can generate some sizeable misgivings. When this happens, the best of Rubens is on display; the sisterhood comes out in force and no pink shirt sister is left behind. Full throated cheers from the oldest to the youngest, encourage every participant over the finish line and the efforts of every girl are rewarded with hugs and cheers.

The Lower 4 have been the most brilliant addition to Rubens House. Our newest little sisters really are the best. They have also had a lot of fun getting to grips with life in their Senior boarding house. Below are their reflections on why they love being part of the pink sisterhood:

Alice: Rubens House is all about that pink life, the close-knit community within fosters shared memories and achievements. A highlight of the weekly routine is the eagerly anticipated Toastie Tuesdays; the golden, crispy sandwiches that bring everyone together in a shared appreciation of deliciousness. The house mascot, Percy Pig, symbolizes the spirit of Rubens, fostering a sense of identity and pride among everyone in Rubens. But what really ties it all up is that Rubens spirit – it’s the glue for teamwork, resilience, and pride, with a lot of shared memories and wins.

Charlotte W: As a Lower Four student, I have really enjoyed my first few months with the community in Rubens! Everyone here is super nice and caring and Ruby (the house dog) is so lovely! The Housemistress and Deputy Housemistress are so helpful and supporting with everything, so I really feel welcomed here. My favourite memories are Dorm Entertainment when everyone makes a dance in their dorms and performs it to the rest of the house. I loved Fairies and all the stuff that was put up by the Lower Sixth! I can’t wait for Sports day and setting up my own Fairies! 

Lua: Rubens, the boarding house painted in shades of pink, proudly holds the title of the best house in our school. Its welcoming atmosphere shows the strong connections among students and staff. The lively spirit and sense of community make it the place for an unforgettable experience. Rubens is not just a boarding house; it’s our second home; the absolute peak of boarding house perfection!

Anni: Rubens. The BEST house, a pink paradise, a vibe. You name it! The whole house is a pink haven, and let me tell you, it’s more than just a colour, it’s a lifestyle. The sisters in Rubens are like one big, crazy family. Pink walls, pink spirit, and pink victories. Rubens owns it all. You walk in and it’s like stepping into a pink party where everyone’s invited. It’s not just a house though, it’s the ultimate school experience. Obviously, we can’t just thank ourselves, the God of Percy Pig is constantly watching down on us from its glittery pink heaven. We’re Rubens and we rock!

Daisy: Rubens is by far the best house. I have only been here for a term and half but it already feels like my second home. There are so many great aspects to this wonderful house. The girls and the staff are so kind and supportive, and the older girls are so nice and friendly. They make settling in so much easier. The food every evening the little snacks that they have in the kitchen, for example, toastie Tuesday, pasta bake on Wednesday (my favourite). The house, it is so nice and modern with great ensuite bathrooms and amazing underfloor heating. Our colour pink is embellished around the boarding house, making it feel happy and part of the amazing community we have here at wycombe. Overall, Rubens is the best the best house. Go pink sisters!

Many thanks to the Lower Four for their reflections on Rubens life. Rubens is also very lucky to have some dedicated academic tutors. Miss McIvor came up to Rubens just before long leave to treat her Upper Five tutees to a wonderful breakfast spread. This was very popular with the girls and a lovely way to mark the start of Long Leave for Team Rubens.