Wendover House News 2

I simply can not believe that it has been half a term since we last updated you with all that has been going on in our House. It has been wonderful to see the girls thrive on stage, in their academic endeavours and in pancake flipping! It has also been brilliant to see our LVI girls take the lead in much of what has been done in House, they are superb leaders and role models to all.

We celebrated the end of the UV tag week with McFlurrys for the House. It was lovely to see the year group relax with the rest of the House and to hear Long Corridor filled with laughter. Sometimes the best activities just need a little ice cream and good friends. The UV made us incredibly proud with the resilience they displayed during this week. It now is the final push to their GCSE examinations, and we look forward to celebrating with them when it is all done.

Ella (on the left), just after being made Deputy Head Girl.

It was wonderful to see so many of our LVI girls recognised in the making of the new Prefect and Officer teams. We are incredibly proud of all our girls who pushed themselves out of their comfort zones to apply, take part in interviews, and challenge themselves to speak in front of their peers and staff. It is in these moments that real life lessons are learnt and skills that will last a lifetime are developed. Ella was made Deputy Head girl, Tennis Captain and Cricket Captain, Annette: Charity Prefect and Tennis Captain, Amelie: Football captain, Ruth: Modern Dance Captain, Lucinda: Head of Roc Soc and Music Society Officer and Bella: Head of Caledonian Society.

It was a privilege to attend the Confirmation service of Arinade, Arolape, and Nancy. It is such a special day and a real treat to celebrate alongside them and their families and friends. We finished the service with a slice of cake each…the rest was devoured by the rest of Wendover who were all waiting at the door, for the cakes arrival, with their forks.

Plenty of Wendover girls took to the stage to act or as part of the band and tech team for the Whole School Musical Sister Act. They won their audience over quickly and had them howling with laughter from beginning to end. It was clear just how much they had enjoyed the entire process and we could hear shouts of ‘it was the best play ever’ throughout the  House for the three evenings it was on. Well done to Ruth who took on the role of Mother Superior, Ella who played Mary Theresa, Lucinda who played the trumpet in the band, Caitlyn who operated the spotlight and Sophie P who oversaw the curtains. All roles were equal in importance, and each did them brilliantly!  

We all eagerly await, each year, for Wendover tradition is pancake day and I accidently purchased so many pancakes that it turned into an entire pancake week. Miss Franks helped the girls to create their master pieces and despite a wide range of toppings the good old classic lemon and sugar was the clear favourite! The Wendover table in the kitchen was filled all evening and it was lovely to see them catch up with each other over a tasty treat!

Special mention needs for this term need to go to:

Colette who received the 5th most commendations across the entire school this term.

Lucinda who got the crowd rocking with her band in the school Roc Soc concert.

Amelie who organised our Bake Sale which raised money for Ripple Africa.

Megan who got a place in the Welsh Lacrosse Team.

India has qualified for the qualifying rounds of the U15 GB sailing team.

A huge welcome must also go to the new UIII girls and their families. Aurora, Bia, Emily, Hope, Indira, Kendra, Mia, Ottilie, Pippa and Yeliz, we can’t wait to get to know you better over the coming term.

I thought I would take the opportunity in this House News to introduce you to our two House Dogs. Luna is a Springerdoodle and is almost four years old. She has grown up in the Boarding House and much prefers life in Wendover when the girls are here, and Long Corridor is nice and noisy. Her favourite place is to sit on the armchair in the main entrance and welcome the girls back from School each day.

Freddie is the newest addition to our doggie team belongs to our AHM, Miss Toogood. He is one year old and a Welsh Collie. Being a puppy Freddie has a little more energy than Luna and loves to play in our gorgeous Courtyard and chase balls up and down Long Corridor. The girls love when Freddie is in House and love to help teach him new tricks.

Dogs are the perfect Boarding House pet! They bring joy but are also there for cuddles when things haven’t gone so well. We feel very lucky to have two such special ones.

As always, so much more has been accomplished this term by the girls than what I am able to capture in this post. We remain proud of them all, always!