Wendover House News 3

Wendover continues to be a hive of activity, hard work and laughter. The Summer term is always one of my favourites. The longer days and the warmer weather mean that we get to spend more time together outside which helps to promote some rest, relaxation and fresh air in what is a busy term of exams for all our girls. Make sure that you read until the end of this post to discover a new fun feature and to hear from our Head of House, Ella.

The End of last term

My last blog post did not quite capture the magic of the end of last term so I thought that I would share some of what we got up to.

We were thrilled that we could go on our first House Outing since the Summer Term of 2019. We travelled into London to watch the superb musical retelling of Matilda by Roald Dahl. Here are the Wendover girls doing their best Matilda power pose impressions…

The end of term always includes lots of sports, and we were blessed to have the most glorious sunshine in which to compete. I love seeing the girls represent the house on the sports pitch. They bring a competitive spirt but also demonstrate how close they are through their teamwork and willingness to go above and beyond for themselves, each other, and the house.

The girls also had a great time putting together their House Shout piece “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey…they had dance moves throughout and it was expertly led by our LVI, with a few of the LV girls taking the lead on the choreography.

The beginning of this term

Each term starts with a bang here at Wycombe Abbey. However, this term was a little different. It started more with a neigh, quack and baaaaa as we had a local Animal Rescue centre create our very own petting zoo.

It was really lovely to see the girls come together to take some time out to meet the furry visitors.

The day wasn’t just about a little animal therapy, but also some fun on inflatable assault courses and sumo wrestling.

We have also enjoyed welcoming our new UIII Wendover recruits up to play some Daws Hill rounders and look forward to their future visits too.

Wendover Wonders:

I thought that at the end of each blog post I would pick one member of our Wendover community to answer a question. That person will then give me a question to ask the next person, without them knowing who it will be…the Wendover girls will confirm that I like to make a game out of everything! For our first question I chose our current Head of House Ella. Ella is also Deputy Head Girl and is in her last few weeks of life in Wendover. She throws herself into absolutely everything and has really made the most out of her time in house and down in school…I have managed to dig out this photo of her from UIV!

Question: What does Wendover mean to you?

I’m Ella, I’m the current head of House and I’m sad to say that after 4 fabulous years of being in Wendover, this is my last one. I’m not really sure how to describe Wendover, other than a huge, wonderful family.

When I moved into Wendover in L4, it was initially a scary experience living with girls of all ages, but I quickly became a part of the house and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve made so many memories with people who aren’t necessarily in my year, which I know will last for a long time, even after I’ve left Wycombe.

Dining room, bonfire night, House dance – when I look back on my time, these are some of my biggest highlights. However, whilst the big House-spirit events are always so much fun and really make you feel a sense of belonging, it’s also the small actions of kindness and fun that make Wendover really special. For me it’s also the midnight feasts, late night Just Dance competitions, evening bathroom meetings, Friday night house bingos – getting to spend time with my best friends and making new friends.

It’s also not just the girls who make up our tight-knit community and I love the Wendover staff as if they really are part of my family. They have always been there for me – whether that has been celebrating my successes or supporting me when I have felt down. They are the true heart of Wendover and bring such energy and empathy to our small house. I will miss them immensely.

Wendover will always be a special place to me, and I hope that every girl gets the opportunity to love Wendover as much as I have.

What a perfect way to end this blog post! Thank you Ella!