Summer Term – Weekends at Wycombe

Most people would agree that the Summer Term at Wycombe Abbey is the best term, even with the end of year examinations. Lighter evenings, better weather, and the absence of covid restrictions have ensured a myriad of different opportunities and experiences.

For our closed weekend we stayed on site and celebrated 125 years of Wycombe Abbey with a cabaret style show where some of our Junior House Girls took centre stage as storytellers expertly weaving together the history of the school which show cased an amazing array of music and drama pieces.

‘It was so fun being part of ‘125 Live!’ and doing this has boosted my confidence a lot. I will definitely remember this moment for life’ – Ameera

‘Being able to take part in a concert with my band was one of the most memorable moments and it was a great experience to perform in front of an audience.’ – Emily

On the Sunday we enjoyed the delights of a gorgeous summer day with a whole school barbeque complete with petting zoo and inflatables.

‘Meeting and feeding the animals at the petting zoo was a great experience’ – Xinyan

‘It was so exciting, I enjoyed racing my friends on the inflatables’ – Verity

This term we have also enjoyed a weekend Camping out on Midget Pitch.

‘It was really nice to sleep outside and eat pizza outside of the tent. It was nice to sleep next to my friends and chat’ – Ashley

Off-site trips have included a visit to Chessington World of Adventures and Coral Reef.

‘Coral Reef was really fun, I loved the whole experience, especially the waterfall! I hope to go again soon’ Alice

‘Chessington was amazing! Loved every bit of it’ – Evie

‘Chessington was amazing, Vampire and the Monkey Swings were the best!’ – Clemmie

 Plus we have still enjoyed a plethora of activities in house; scrapbook, hot chocolate, board games, movies, Ice Lolly Thursday, dog walking, playing in the Junior House garden as well as creating revision cards and notes for exams.

And last weekend a surprise Saturday night visit from the ice cream van!

Thank you to all the staff at Wycombe Abbey that make Weekends at Wycombe Fun!