Start of Year Highlights

This term in Junior House is always exciting, with a new cohort of girls all new to Wycombe Abbey, for many of whom it is their first time boarding and for all it is their first year in a Senior School. Induction is a big part of the first term with many activities designed to help us all get to know one another and improve pupils’ understanding of Junior House and Wycombe Abbey.

In this blog I have concentrated on this half term’s highlights. For me I have to start at the beginning with the anticipation of the arrival of our new Junior House pupils. Even though I have met the girls and parents in June at our welcome meeting, and our summer Zoom meeting there is still a high level of anticipation before September. After all the preparations in House over the summer by all the House staff; working out dorms, preparing the induction programme and ensuring all the names are updated, nothing beats the excitement of the first arrival and seeing all 84 girls together for the first time.


After a week of induction activities, the first lessons and sports practices, I love the opportunity to take all the girls, House staff and tutors out for the afternoon to Wendover Woods to enjoy the Headmistress’ Picnic. This year the temperature soared during September and we were fortunate that our venue gave us the protection of shade both for our picnic under the trees and activity exploring the canopy of trees on the GO Ape course.  The sunny weather also provided the perfect excuse for an ice cream, which was a perfect way to celebrate our first week together.

I have also included some other highlights expressed by two of the Junior House girls.

The funfair was exhilarating, a chance to make new friends, have an incredible time, enjoy ourselves and fill ourselves up with cotton candy! Friday night House order is extremely pleasurable where we sing our hearts out, let loose and have fun with the end of week sing-along-song! Tuck is always a highlight; we enjoy sweets and savoury snacks and spend time with friends. – Lita

A highlight I had was the first Saturday movie night at school and singing and dancing to High School Musical, another highlight I have are tuck nights. – Elizabeth

It is great to hear that some of our regular evening activities, as well as the big events are all highlights of the Junior House experience. This is just the start and there is plenty more to look forward to as our year together in Junior House continues!