Campbell House Autumn Term 2023

The role of a Tutor is defined as a teacher who guides and supports a pupil with their development throughout their time at School. The Tutors are there to help all pupils to reach their academic potential, allowing for their personal development and supporting them in their day to day lives. Campbell House has a strong support network around each pupil, and this is greatly supported by the Tutors. This blog provides an insight to the Tutors of Campbell House.

While every Tutor has daily interactions with their year group, each term they are invited to come to Campbell, visit the pupils and even run an activity in House. Activities can vary from a book night, to baking, quizzes and Nintendo switch competitions and their visits attract Boarders and day boarders alike.

Meet the Tutors

 Miss Strange- LIV Tutor

“This is now my 9th year as a Campbell tutor – I was very excited when I joined the school and was told I would be in Campbell as purple is my favourite colour, and I was in purple house in my old school! I enjoy coming up to the drawing room every week for tutor tea, both to see my current tutees but also greet past tutees. My favourite thing is coming up to house in the evening to do some baking, even when the ‘cookies’ turn into more of an entire sheet of cookie dough/ a cookie mash, and even when we have to take advantage of Airlie’s oven! The pupils in Campbell are always so friendly and helpful, and made me feel welcome from my very first day. I think we are such a kind house and look out for each other.”

Miss Strange is our LIV Tutor and as one of our longest standing tutors, she brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to everything she does. Pupils are always excited to know when Miss Strange comes to House, as baking is one of her specialities.

Miss Smith- UIV Tutor

“Since joining Campbell in 2017, I have always enjoyed walking into House and welcoming back the pupils after their day. They always stop to have a talk and running a variation of activities in House brings the community together. Campbell House pride themselves on being a family and this is truly represented in the colour purple. It is a pleasure to be a part of the Campbell House team.”

While Miss Smith has been a Campbell House Tutor for seven years, she has also been a Deputy Housemistress for the past three years. This allows her to made regular contact with all members of the Boarding House. Some of Miss Smith’s favourite activities are baking and regularly getting involved with a Nintendo Switch competition. As Sport is her passion, Miss Smith is always excited to see the pupils competing in the House Game programme in a variety of Sports.

Mr Graham- LV Tutor

“I have grown into the tutor role over the last few years. I enjoy seeing how multifaceted the pupils in Campbell are; from Academia, to Sport, to Music. The role is very important in terms of tracking the progress and wellbeing of the pupils. I look forward to being a Campbell tutor for many years to come.”

Mr Graham has been a Campbell Tutor for the past 3 years. He has a passion for all thing co-curricular and can be seen regularly supporting Campbell pupils wherever they participate. Examples who Mr Graham has worn for colour purple is during House Quizzes, House Games or music recitals.

Mrs Wright- UV Tutor

“I have been a Campbell tutor for many years. I think it is more than 10! I enjoy being involved with House activities and have visited Campbell in the evening to run a book quiz and help with other activities. It’s lovely to be part of the Campbell community.”

As our longest standing member of the Campbell House Tutor team, Mrs Wright certainly brings an air of calmness and tranquillity to everything that she does. She is the underlying support for the UV and is readily available if they need help with their studies. Pupils particularly enjoy when Mrs Wright visits the House as she regularly brings a quiz and prizes to compete in. These quizzes allow all pupils to work together and continue to build the interhouse camaraderie.

Mr Bannister- LVI Tutor

As the newest member of Tutor team, Mr Bannister has certainly made a strong impact within the Boarding House. A game of Mafia engaged the whole House for several hours and pupils were certainly hyped at the end of this. Each pupil was given a role within the House and the aim was to eliminate all member of the mafia by the end of the game. While this came down to the wire, our super detectives managed to win in the last round.

Mr Wong

As our House Tutor and the UIII Campbell Tutor, Mr Wong makes weekly visits to the Boarding House to visit the pupils. His regular cooking sessions have involved xi mi lu, tofu puddling as well as the classic Toastie Wednesdays. Pupils flock to the kitchen for Mr Wong’s tasty treats.

While Tutors play an integral part to the academic side at Wycombe Abbey, they are willing to ‘jump in’, and provide a varied evening program to enrich the pupils lives beyond the classroom. It has been wonderful to see how the girls have enjoyed seeing their tutors in House this term and how grateful the pupils are for their visits. We looks forward to many more visits as the year progresses.