Pitt Summer Highlights

It really does not seem possible that the academic year is almost finished. It has flown by, with the girls enjoying so much in House and the wider school.

Dove Day

The day started bright and early with the House spending time decorating the marquee in preparation for the lunch. Then it was on to Chapel, followed by bacon rolls and onto the gymnastics show, tug-o-war and the dog show. After this it was time for lunch in the House marquee. It was absolutely wonderful to see so many parents from the House and really lovely that the U3 parents were able to join in. The lunch was a special occasion and for many the first Dove Day in several years.


This year was always going to be a tall order for the Pitt girls! Having won the tug-o-war last year at Dove Day, the girls were determined as ever for a winning performance. Elisabeth writes about the competition:

The annual tug-of-war competition is a thrilling, and exhilarating event which all pupils thoroughly enjoy, regardless of whether they are competing, or supporting from the side lines. For the past two years, Pitt has dominated the competition, and despite having had challenges along the way, prevailed and won. Two pupils from each year group came together to form the team, and we competed against the other Houses. we progressed into the quarter, semi, and final rounds, and faced Airlie in the finals, for the second year in a row. After a long, and tiring match, our talent prevailed and we were crowned champions yet again, gaining many house points for Pitt all while having fun as a House.

Sports Day

Sports Day was tremendous fun and an exciting day of track and field events. Many of the girls participated across the disciplines giving of their best and demonstrating true House spirit. For girls, being a part of a race, field event or cheering on from the side lines meant supporting others and helping them where possible, drink runs in particular.

All the Pitt Girls were superb across the whole day and we came 2nd overall. There were many stand out contributions from Valentina, Anissa, Sydney, Anabel, Janelle and many more girls.

Matrons Appreciation (AB)

Anoushka has written a report about our Matron Appreciation Day which we held in school this week.

On Tuesday 27th June, we held a Matron Appreciation Afternoon Tea to celebrate and give thanks to all the hard work that our matrons do for us. Matrons are such an integral part of the School community; without their help, the boarding Houses simply could not run, and so it was fitting to have a little celebration for them to publicly express our gratitude. Holroyd Howe provided a lovely tea with cakes, scones, and brownies which went down a treat!

It was so lovely to see the matrons both resident and part-time, at the tea party to express our thanks. What made this event so special was that most matrons spend the majority of their time in their Houses; therefore, this event gave them a chance to meet other matrons and get to know each other outside the work environment.

The Heads of Houses attended the tea in order to present the matrons with handmade cards, signed by each member of the House. Each House also received a bouquet of flowers and chocolates for the matrons as well as hand creams for each matron. It was so special to see how the whole School came together to make these cards. It not only shows our appreciation for the matrons but also the sense of community that exists at Wycombe.

This tea was a School Council project; we decided on the format of the appreciation tea and the gifts that should be bought for each matron. The Head Girl Team then worked closely with Miss Allen, Mrs Nugent and Mr Jones for this to come to fruition. Huge thanks must be given to Miss Allen and Mrs Nugent for working tirelessly making bouquets of flowers and organising the whole event! The tea was such a success, it will definitely be repeated in the future.

A final thanks must go to all the matrons for their hard work; we appreciate it so much! We are so lucky in Pitt to have Ms Wells, Miss Leslie, Ms McLellan, and Mrs Pearce who work tirelessly looking after the girls throughout the year.

House Outing

For our end of term House Outing, we enjoyed the amazing food and surroundings of ‘Bluegrass’. The girls all on great form, enjoyed being with their friends and peers across the house. Much amusement was had as the meal unfolded along with great conversation and much catching up.

We headed out for a delicious meal at Bluegrass BBQ, before going head to head at Hollywood Bowl! The entire house joined in, making it a really special occasion to mark the end of a fantastic year in Pitt. 

Prior to the outing, the girls had been busy with various activity days, including a Giant Science workshop for LIV, a Clarence induction for LV and the leadership summit for LVI. A special mention must go to the UIVs, who walked 15km around Great Hampden and Hughendon for their practise DofE trip, before trekking out again to walk down to town in the evening. 

Despite their packed schedules, the girls preserved their energy for the evening’s festivities, and the yummy BBQ went down a treat! The highlight of the evening was undoubtably the bowling session that followed dinner. Strikes, spares and gutter-balls were met with equal enthusiasm as the girls and House staff got their teeth stuck in to the friendly competition. 

For our LVI students, this outing held particular significance. As they prepare to bid farewell to Pitt and embark on their move to Clarence, it served as a chance to reflect on the experiences and friendships formed during their time with us. We hope they enjoyed the chance to celebrate their achievements with us in Pitt. 

Our House outing served not just as an evening of entertainment, but as a testament to the spirit that forms our house community. We are always so grateful for the opportunity to come together, share laughter and strengthen the bonds that make Pitt house such a special place. Here’s to many more memorable outings!

End of Term

It has been an incredibly busy summer term with the girls all involved in so much, whether academically, sporting, drama, music or big events such as Dove Day, GlastonAbbey and Sports Day … and we can’t wait to do it all again soon!

I wish you all a very restful and relaxing summer.