Airlie Summer Term Newsletter – Part 2

Sports Day 2023

Another year has come to an end and, as always, our feelings in House are bittersweet. Pupils and Staff alike are looking forward to a relaxing summer, with no exams, bedtime and early wake-up calls. As exciting as this prospect is, we are also sad that we are saying goodbye to many of our Airlie members.  

The House has felt a bit emptier in the past few weeks, following the departure of our lovely and lively UVs, who always made us laugh with their energy and humour. Here’s a photo of them all dressed up for World Book Day: 

Airlie UV 2022 – 2023

We are so proud of them for all their hard work and determination during their GCSEs and we cannot wait to welcome them back in September in their roles as LVI Mons!  

Some of our pupils are heading to new schools and we wish the best of luck in their new adventures. We hope that they will always consider Airlie their home and that we will see them again – perhaps at next year’s Dove Day?  

Our wonderful House Tutor, Miss Shabbir, is also leaving at the end of this term. She was instrumental in delivering high quality Toastie Wednesdays and Fruity Fridays, in fairly distributing ‘tidy desk’ stickers and in providing endless entertainment and encouragement to staff and pupils alike.  

We are also saying goodbye to our amazing matron, Mrs Treacy, who has seen many Airlie girls through their time in the House. We will miss her caring and loving nature, but we wish her all the best in her retirement. We know she will make the best of it with lots of holidays, line dancing and dinner parties with her neighbours. 

Last but not least, we are sad to be saying goodbye to our LVI Mons, who are heading to Clarence House next year. We are so grateful for everything they have done for the House this year – from helping with bedtime, to hosting hot chocolate nights with the younger year groups, to co-ordinating House Shouts, House Chapel Services and House Games. Whether they’ve been in Airlie for five years or one, they have made a lasting impact in our House, and we hope that they will continue to visit us for a cuppa or a toastie next year!  

Airlie Mons 2022 – 2024

We asked our departing LVI to share with us what they will miss most about Airlie. Here are some of their responses: 

I’m really sad that my time at Airlie is coming to an end! There are so many things about Airlie that I will miss – watching movies in the common room together, late night conversations in the dorms, rooming with someone, the room I have been in for all three terms, dorm feast, etc. But what I will miss most will definitely be the people! Not just my year group, but everyone else in the house who make Airlie feel like home – Miss Flynn, Dr Tsaknaki, the matrons and the younger girls. Chloe

It’s hard to sum up what I would miss most about Airlie, seeing how important a role it has played during my time at Wycombe. What will forever hold a special place in my heart is the people and the amazing sense of community we have in House. Whether it be simply catching up with younger girls in the kitchen, or cheering my housemates on in house order, I will always cherish these little moments. Megan

As a day boarder up until sixth form, I will undeniably miss sharing a room with a friend, which has been a wonderful experience and allowed me to become a lot closer with the girls in my year. I also will miss having an area of House just for us to hangout in, but being close enough to the rest of Airlie that we can always join in on movie nights! One of my favourite memories is sitting in the drawing room all evening, watching Eurovision with the girls and the House staff. I’ll look forward to popping back in next year! The House staff and the girls make up Airlie, so it’s safe to say that they will be the ones I miss the most when I leave. Thank you for all the incredible memories! Anjali

We wish all Airlie pupils, staff and parents a relaxing summer break. We look forward to welcoming most of you back in September! Thank you for a wonderful year in Airlie, everyone! 

Miss Flynn & Dr Tsaknaki