Pitt House – Autumn Term

At the start of this term, we welcomed 11 new girls across LIV and UIV along with 5 new LVI girls. They are all settling in well to House, their tutor groups and the wider school community. It is lovely to see the girls integrate so well with a range of activities during the week and at weekends.


We were delighted to hear at the start of term, that Isabella has been selected for the GB Fencing Team throughout the course of the coming season. This is such an incredible achievement, and we are thrilled with her selection and performance.

Whilst the term started with some small interruptions, it was lovely to see the girls come together and celebrate the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Hearing the girls chat animatedly about their experiences and thoughts of the Royal Family, reminded me about my meeting with both Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh at my previous school, where we celebrated 300 years of the school. The school was used as Florence Nightingale’s Hospital. The school steeped in history of girls’ education and where in State sector the girls flourish, similar to that at Wycombe Abbey.


This term has seen an array of activities both in House and School that the girls have enjoyed and participated in over the recent weeks.

Early on this term, the girls enjoyed baking with Ms Wells and learning how to make an Apple Crumble. Many of the girls participating had never tried apple crumble or made one… new experiences and some cooking skills were developed. The girls thoroughly enjoyed making the crumble with apples from the orchard outside Pitt and the topping.

Whilst the crumbles were baking in the oven the girls were not sure what their culinary exploits would taste like but that was secondary to the endless chatter about different types of food from differing cultures and the time that they spend together. The girls were surprised by their own accomplishments and, served with Ice cream, cream or custard, the girls really loved the new experience and were soon proudly photographing and showing off their exploits for their parents back home.

Apple Crumble
Apple Crumble
Apple Crumble’s Ready to Eat

Duke of Edinburgh

The LV girls completed their bronze practice expedition over the recent Activity Days in School prior to Short Leave. The girls found new learning opportunities at every turn; discovering how to pack efficiently and effectively was an interesting challenging itself; all this before the actual expedition. There were, undoubtedly some nerves before the girls left but there was also excitement and anticipation but perhaps mainly they were just really hoping that it did not rain. In any case the girls left well-prepared and ready for all eventualities.

Over the next two days all was quiet, no news of lost groups arrived, no details of abandoned rucksacks and nothing more than a few whisperings that a group or two had taken a slight detour; map reading skills were indeed really being tested and the girls stood up to the challenge.

At the end of expedition, with big smiles of enjoyment across their faces, the girls returned happily to School and House. Exhausted and hungry, with sore feet from walking and certainly ready for a shower or bath, the girls definitely enjoyed the experience. Many tales of poor map reading, getting lost, endless fields and carrying their own rucksack. A greeting or two from Brae made the welcome home, all the more real and comforting. The girls were ready for Short Leave to recover.

Duke of Edinburgh – Allegra and Elisabeth

The girls are now more prepared for their final expedition whilst completing their volunteering and a skill sections in the hope of achieving their final award in April 2023.

UIV Dance

Over the last few weeks, the UIV girls have been meticulously choreographing and learning their dance routine. Given some parameters around which to focus their dance and with 14 girls all involved, and each with their own opinion, learning to work as a team, support each other and to listen to each other were key aspects for them. Each evening, there were rehearsals in the main common room or LAC; with the girls practicing together and individually. . . And to the performance night itself; a Friday evening, dark and crisp with a large crowd drawn from across the whole School to watch each UIV House Dance, judged expertly by the Dance Captains and Mrs Gee.

Each House performed brilliantly despite the nerves and worry about remembering routines, the girls all took to the stage. Pitt’s turn came and the girls gave it their all. A large tutor group, coming together collaboratively and effectively so well, so an absolute delight to watch.

Pitt House Dance Girls
Pitt UIV Girls

And finally the result…. Pitt were placed Second overall

Absolutely phenomenal team effort and totally deserved.

The half term is quickly drawing to a close this Friday and the start of term seems a distant memory in many ways. The girls have thoroughly enjoyed a proper start of term. To finish, the girls always enjoy a good chatter and catch up with their friends in the kitchen, common room, studies and dorms. Many of the girls look forward to evening activities in House during the week. Alongside the regular favourite of toastie evenings the girls have enjoyed many other culinary treats, with Nacho night being a highlight. Then came Pumpkin carving for the girls over the weekend. The girls really illustrated their creative approach, using inspiration from the internet, their own designs and the use of graphics. For many girls, this was the first time of ever seeing and carving a pumpkin and they greatly enjoyed the new experience and share many laughs. The results were fantastic.

Pumpkin Carving

Wishing everyone a restful and relaxing half term