Cloister House Blog. October 2022

What a start to the year it has been in Cloister House! We welcomed 5 new girls to the House, along with 7 from Junior House and two new tutors. Unfortunately, the annual funfair was postponed but the House really came together to celebrate the life of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The girls have all been working extremely hard in School and the commendations have been flying in. I continue to be so impressed with how they manage to juggle such a busy workload with all their extra-curricular activities and outside commitments.

Our new MONS team have come together to support all the girls in the house led by our Head of House Laila. Poppy and Amaya have invited various groups of girls in for hot chocolate nights, helping the younger girls in particular to navigate the new school year. They have also created a rota to help with bedtimes, saying goodnight to every dorm once a week. Laila has introduced ‘Random acts of Kindness’ across the entire House and everyone has been encouraged to leave a note or small gift for their nominated person. Despite having very few House game sessions, Pip, our sports captain has encouraged everyone to take part in the programme. She has also introduced a ‘star of the week’ for the pupils who make the best contribution to the session.  Amaya our charity rep has also been working hard preparing the tombola for bonfire night. She is also creating shoeboxes to send to children who would not otherwise be getting a Christmas present this year.

The Autumn term always bring the excitement of House dance, and this year was certainly no disappointment. The UIV spent a considerable amount of time practicing their moves, choosing costumes, along with a song, to fit the theme ‘eighties, nineties, noughties’. Queen’s ‘Don’t stop me now’ was certainly appropriate with the considerable energy and precision of the dance. The UIV really came together as a group and although they did not place should be so proud of themselves. It was also wonderful to see so many Cloister girls (including Clarence) cheering on their peers. I do not think I have ever seen LAC so full before!

A focus this term has been on the House families and every one has made a canvas for the wall. The only rule was that the canvas had to include the name or a representation of every member of the family. The groups created a wonderful mix of images, including trees, handprints and lots of glitter! These will be put up on the wall with photos of each family. We have also had a range of House activities including the weekly ‘toastie Thursday’ with Mr Lenton. Fruity Fridays continue to be a hit and the dorm quiz is off to a competitive start! Saturday night has been a wonderful, relaxed end to the week. The girls have been lucky enough to enjoy a range of activities from a spa night, inter-Daws Hill quiz activity and bracelet making.

The L4 have started to create their guy for bonfire night. I will not give any spoilers away as to what they are creating, but they have been very busy with paper mâché, cardboard boxes and green paint! The second half of the term promises to be as busy as the first, jam packed with lots of different events and activities as we approach Christmas. I wish every member of the House a very well-deserved rest over Long Leave.