Pitt House – Autumn Term

As we find ourselves drawing a close on another term, It has been amazing to see the new girls settle in and enjoy the boarding House and life in the wider School.

In the first term, the girls are all in a dorm with their House Families. The LV girls take on the responsibility of settling in the new LIV girls to House, helping them learn the routines and guiding them through the day-to-day side of School life. This is the start of a lifelong friendship amongst their peers which is strengthened by the vertical boarding system in each dorm. The dorms have girls from LIV, UIV and LV which allows the girls to bond, to share and to help each other and for our older girls to mentor their younger housemates.

In beginning a new journey Pia writes:

As a LV in Pitt, I feel that I have been introduced to a variety of different and new experiences. One of these being taking on more responsibility which includes welcoming and guiding younger years through their time at Wycombe Abbey. I believe in the sense of community and making everyone feel included. When I was a LIV, I remember feeling worried about how I was going to fit in to a new House. Going from Junior House to a senior House can be very stressful and I believe as a LV it is my role to support and encourage all of the younger girls into the Pitt community. 

In my first dorm, I had two LIV girls and one UIV who was new to boarding. This meant I had to be extremely welcoming and friendly to make sure they all felt welcome. At the beginning of the term, both LIVs were quite shy and uncomfortable with being themselves in the dorm. However, I took this in my stride and continued to be kind and showed them they could be themselves in Pitt. This allowed one to open up more and we soon become close friends. The other LIV was slightly more shy, but I encouraged her to feel safe and able to open up. The UIV who was new to boarding was shy at first but when the dorm was having fun all together, she joined in. After a week or so, everyone felt comfortable and enjoyed their time. Now we are very sad to be leaving this dorm!

What is lovely to see and hear, is the immense sense of pride from the LV and the younger girls along with their parents feeling that their daughters are being mentored and guided. A recent parent commented about their daughter’s Housemother:

She seems to have been such a role model for how older WA girls should help the younger girls! Absolutely no attitude but instead personable, inclusive, helpful, supportive, fun and kind – they have struck up a real friendship.

As we move into the new year and new term, the new friendships developed from the family tree illustrates the close bond that the girls truly cherish.

With the family tree and House spirit being so entwined, it was fabulous to see the girls enjoying House Christmas lunch in the final weekend of the term. The girls enjoyed a truly magnificent Sunday feast which they shared with their tutors and House staff. It is a further opportunity for the girls to enjoy their time together, either in family trees or within their own tutor group at this wonderful time of the year. The fun, amusement and sheer pleasure was fabulous to see!

Pitt House Christmas Lunch 2023

Leading on the from House Christmas Lunch were House Lacrosse Funals on Monday. As is customary each Autumn term, the House Lacrosse funals are always closely contested and incredibly well supported by the House, staff and tutors. The House were fully behind the Pitt Lacrosse team of Arabella, Thaisa, Amelia, Catherine, Elisabeth, Pia, Mia, Tahlia, Annabel and Anissa and provided loud vocal support throughout. The strong team spirit and support from the girls on the side-lines, demonstrates how close the girls are to each other.. The girls played against Shelburne in the first match,winning comfortably with pace, strong attacking play and superb defence, especially with Elisabeth in goal. Then came our sister House Rubens in the final.  Strong teams from both sides meant a closely fought match with plenty of passion!

Pitt House Lacrosse Team

The final outcome of the final was Pitt winning by Three goals to two. After such as tight contest the trophy felt like a just reward for the passion, spirit and determination that the girls demonstrated throughout the tournament.

Winning Team: Arabella, Amelia, Thaisa, Catherine, Elisabeth, Tahlia, Anissa, Pia, Mia and Annabel

Pitt House Supporters

And finally….

Lacrosse was not the only House victory at the end of term … The end of term Cookie Bake-off  competition saw Melody UV and Olivia LIV, spend Sunday afternoon baking with Ms Wells and . their outstanding efforts were rightly rewarded with a 1st Place in the House Competition. Congratulations Melody and Olivia.

The Girls, House Staff and Tutors wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a restful holiday with your families and friends.