Campbell House Traditions

The word tradition means “customs or practices that are passed down through generations within a culture or community”. At Wycombe Abbey, there are many activities and events that fit this bill, and none more so than where pupils get to represent their Houses in competitions! Many of these events have happened for years and the whole School is abuzz with excitement in the run up. Whether this be the LIV Guy making or UIV Dance, these events help to create some of the fondest memories pupils have of Wycombe Abbey and all pupils are dedicated to representing their House to the fullest.  In this newsletter, we are excited to share some of these experiences with you through the eyes of the pupils.


The LIV, Guy Fawkes making competition is the first interhouse event the LIV meet as members of their Senior Houses. Each House is tasked with making a guy that represents their House colour. From a Cadbury chocolate bar to a Giant Care bear, the LIV must all work together to create their masterpiece. This year, the pupils decided to create a purple M&M. They worked tirelessly before Long Leave to create the shape and finished the decoration on their return from Long Leave. This is what Sophia had to say about her experience.

“I really enjoyed working on the guy because it helped me connect with my House and helped me to build and strengthen friendships with other members of the tutor group. I really felt this was a chance for us all to flourish and work together in a group. We all had our individual responsibilities for the Guy, and we worked hard to complete it to the best of our ability. It was also great fun and although we didn’t place, we still had a lot of fun doing it. “ Sophia (LIV)

UIV Dance

The UIV Dance competition is an annual event that all pupils, throughout the school, eagerly look forward to watching.  This event not only allows pupils to work closely together to design a piece of chorography, but is a chance for all pupils to have some time on the stage! The event is also a great way to integrate the new UIVs into the Boarding House. After weeks of preparation, they perform their routine in two shows to the entire school, accompanied by the huge cheers of support from their House. Here is what Alessia (UIV) had to say about her experience.

“After being given a brief, the UIV had the ambitious task to fully choreograph a dance to music of the 50s, 60s and 70s in the weeks leading up to the 2nd of November. UIV Campbell endured many sessions of disco dancing after deciding to dance to a remix of Staying Alive, as well as some amateur salsa to Copacabana. In the end, after a lot of practice, enthusiasm, having fun and waiting in anticipation for the big night, we were brought closer by our time as a group of dancers. And while not everyone could do one-handed cartwheels or do the worm, we gained a lot from this experience and thoroughly enjoyed it!” 

House Ensemble

“After significant lobbying of the music department, the annual House Ensemble music competition was reinstated this year. With just 3 weeks to put together a piece, Campbell House decided to kick off with an arrangement (by the amazingly talented Cassandra LVI) of the theme tune to Pirates of the Caribbean. With Mia (LV) carrying the powerful harmonies on her cello, Jane (UV), Cosima (LIV) and Hazel (LIV) playing their violins, Yihan (UIV) on the Clarinet, myself and Judy (UV) playing the oboe, and Cassandra (LVI) on the piano, we were a force to be reckoned with. Our final product was formidable and dramatic. Although we narrowly missed out on the top 3, as a team we overcame obstacles, worked together, and had a really, really good time.”
– Ellie (LVI)  (House Conductor)

While these experiences have created many memories and much enjoyment in Campbell House, there are still plenty of events left to come over the course of the year. With House Games happening throughout the year, Campbell have so far excelled in many sports within the School. Campbell have a tradition with being one of the strongest Houses in both Swimming and Cross Country, so we look forward to competing in these events later in the year. We also look forward to the LV House plays that will take place in the Summer Term. These annual traditions have provided pupils with stability and camaraderie, helping pupils to forge lasting connections that they fondly look back on. They serve as a bridge between past and present, linking generations of boarders who have shared the same boarding experience. For now, we hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!