Pitt House – Autumn Term

The start of term was a busy one as usual and the girls all arrived with big smiles, ready for the term ahead. It was lovely to see everyone and hear about their summer travels and exploits.

The first weekend of term saw the girls embrace a range of activities and particularly the fun fair on Sunday. The grinning enthusiastic participants loved the variety of rides and food available.

Fun Fair Fun!

Congratulations to Thaisa for being appointed Head of House and Chung Yu as Deputy head of House. They are already making a positive impact in House with the girls. Their start of term has been action packed within their new roles, here is a little taste of what has been happening in House:

Thaisa and Chung Yu wrote:

We wish students, parents, and staff alike a warm welcome (back) to Pitt! The start of a new school year kicks off once again with a whirlwind of activities for girls of ranging year groups. The new members of our Pitt family, the LIVs, have been seamlessly integrating into our school community. Their journey began with moving into their new dorms, and it’s delightful to see how they have settled in. Amelia, LVI, and Head of Responsibility for Younger Girls, organized a special tea for the LIVs to extend a warm welcome. This was a fantastic opportunity for the new students to get to know each other and for the seniors to share their experiences and insights. Pitt is buzzing with creativity as the LIVs take the lead in the production of our annual House Play. This tradition brings out the best in our students, showcasing their acting talents, behind-the-scenes skills, and teamwork. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this year! As autumn leaves fall and the nights grow colder, the anticipation for Bonfire Night grows. The LIVs are taking part in a beloved tradition as they construct their very own Guy for the upcoming Bonfire Night celebrations. This fun and communal activity not only adds to the excitement of the evening but also provides an opportunity for the newest members of our house to bond with their peers. 

Whole House Quiz & Guy Making

We want to extend our best wishes to the UIV students who are gearing up for the House Dance competition. This event is not only a showcase of incredible dance talent but also a fantastic platform for students to collaborate and build lasting memories. Break a leg, UIVs! 

Huge congratulations are in order for the LV students who have completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh (D of E) expeditions. The D of E program is an incredible opportunity for personal growth and skill development. The dedication and effort shown by our LVs are truly commendable, and we are incredibly proud of their achievements.

Duke of Edinburgh

In a remarkable display of talent and dedication, Lara Richardson, a student in the LIV, recently showcased her musical prowess by participating in the prestigious Wycombe Abbey Competitive Music Festival (WACMF). Her exceptional skills and hard work were duly recognized as she emerged victorious in her respective age category, earning both admiration and accolades. This remarkable achievement not only reflects Lara’s personal commitment to her craft but also highlights the high standards of excellence within our student community. We take immense pride in Lara’s success and look forward to witnessing her continued musical journey as she continues to excel and inspire us all.

As we continue to embrace the challenges and joys of a new school year, we look forward to the myriad of experiences, successes, and memories that lie ahead. Wishing everyone an exciting and fruitful journey this academic year!

The girls are all embracing the different weekly and weekend activities which highlights what is on offer both in House and School.

House Activities

As we move into Long Leave, a well-deserved rest and relaxing time is needed for all the girls and staff.