Here we go again – hello Autumn Term!

Chloe performing at the House Dinner

Butler House has welcomed back not only all of our returning pupils but we have also been pleased to welcome both girls who are new to the School and those who moved from Junior House to their Senior House. We have had multiple events to bring together the community at the start of the academic year, most-notably the Butler House Dinner. The occasion provided a chance for parents, pupils and staff to come together to see all that makes the Butler community special. Guests were treated to two musical performances with one ‘cello piece from Chloe (LV) and a violin piece from Fiona (LV), as well as a vote of thanks from our Head of House, Liza. We also welcomed Miss Sunil (Assistant Housemistress), Ms Flavin (Resident Matron) and Mr Stiglitz (Resident Tutor) to the Butler House staff team.

Miss Lowther, Miss Sunil, Ms Flavin and Mr Stiglitz

To be assigned the first House Chapel service of the term is always a challenge, particularly with only a week to prepare our anthem, but the House Conductor (Hannah) and Sacristan (Amelia) prepared the programme impeccably. The House carefully arranged a more sombre piece than originally planned due to the service falling within the period of mourning for Her Majesty the Queen. The readings were executed beautifully by Tallulah, Katya, Cicely and Angel, and music performances by Hannah, Tiffany and Chloe were enjoyed by the congregation. 

The UIVs represented the House brilliantly at the annual UIV House Dance competition with a strong routine to a medley of songs from the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Black baseball caps and white tutus created fun costumes and many hours of rehearsals were clear when they were on stage. We didn’t make it into the top three but congratulate our sister House Barry on their win! 

Film production in action!

Towards the start of the year, the School assigns two Activity Days off timetabled lessons for a variety of year group trips to explore the surrounding areas, develop existing skills and broaden academic knowledge.  

On one of these days the LIV took part in a film workshop where there was a focus on script writing, film production and editing. We are greatly anticipating seeing their end result at a screening soon! 

UIV visited Longridge Activity Centre in Marlow for a day of outdoor team building activities such as climbing, crate stack, Jacob’s Ladder and Dragon Boat racing on the River Thames. It was a great opportunity early in the term to forge new friendships as a Tutor group and see some staff pushing outside their comfort zones too! 

LV had the opportunity to immerse themselves into nature and be self-sufficient for a night for their Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition in the surrounding Chiltern Hills. This 30-kilometre trek over two days was the perfect opportunity to hone their map reading skills, boost their endurance and wear in their walking boots ahead of their graded expedition later in the year. 

Snacks and Strictly Come Dancing
A Wednesday night visit from Mrs Buxton’s rabbit
Quizmaster Stiglitz in action for a Barry v Butler Dorm quiz

Weekly House evening activities are always a welcome treat at the end of a busy day and time to catch up with friends across the year groups. Book Club has been re-established by our House Librarian, Matilda; Toastie Tuesday is a popular event run by Miss Sunil and Fruity Friday, the Pupil’s favourite, is hosted by Mr Stiglitz and the LVI. Saturday ‘Strictly’ nights have become a ritual too which offers a chance to relax on the sofa and enjoy the dances on TV.

The LVI have been busy off-site too, visiting Wyfold Vineyard in Henley-on-Thames with Miss Lowther where they spent the afternoon picking grapes for the English sparkling wine harvest. The Girls received a briefing from Barbara Laithwaite, owner and founder of the vineyard, before learning about the wine making process from Henry Laithwaite at Harrow and Hope winery in Marlow. It was an insightful afternoon and a lovely opportunity to be out in the countryside, learning about wine and for some, seeing grapes growing for the first time. 

House Badminton
House Football
House Ultimate Frisbee

Badminton, softball, football and Ultimate Frisbee has been happening in House Games this half term. Teams are made up of mixed years, offering another chance to get to know new pupils and for the LIV to be involved in this key school weekly event for the first time in their Senior Houses. 

Alice’s voice performance
Lucy’s strings performance
Sasha’s brass and woodwind performance

Every point counts for performances in the Wycombe Abbey Competitive Music Festival so it was wonderful to see Lucy (LIV), Cynthia (LIV), Alice (LIV), Tracy (UIV), Fiona (LV), Chloe (LV), Daphne (LV), Tiffany (LV), Sasha (UV) and Hannah (LVI) performing. A special congratulations must go to the winners of the following categories: 

Alice (LIV) – Junior Voice 

Lucy (LIV) – Junior Strings 

Sasha (UV) – Senior Wind and Brass 

We wish you all a restful and enjoyable Long Leave after a fantastic start to the academic year! 

Miss Lowther and the Butler House staff.