Campbell Autumn Term Newsletter 2022

With the Autumn term well underway, Campbell pupils have thrown themselves into an abundance of activities and we would very much like to share some of their experiences with you. From activities days to chapel service Campbell pupils have thrived at the opportunities they have been given and have grown both as individuals, and as a House community.

Joining Campbell:

Since stepping through the doors as new Campbellites, the LIV have certainly made their mark in the House. They have made strong friendships with their Housemothers and have taken part in activities such as Brownie making, Just Dance competitions and helping to create the annual family tree board. Here are some of their personal experiences:

“When I walked through the Campbell door for the first time, I was really nervous. This was a completely new experience for me, and I didn’t know how it was going to go. However, the older girls were so accommodating, and they helped me settle in well. The people in my House family tree were especially supportive and whenever I needed help, they were always there for me.” (Flora)

“Joining Campbell has been a wonderful experience. The best thing about Campbell is that everyone is nice and friendly which has made it easier to settle in. I really love House games as I love sports and it is incredibly fun way to meet people in Campbell.” (Ava)

“I really enjoyed moving into my senior House. The transition went well for me personally and everyone was really nice and welcoming.” (Riya)

“The first time I entered Campbell I was so nervous, but the warm welcome I got from the staff was so reassuring. Thinking about being in a dorm with older girls is definitely scary but after I spent one night with them, I felt so much better knowing how nice they are. I love being in Campbell and its warm environment and I would not choose to be in any other House!” (Yihan)

“Joining Campbell has been such a great experience, the staff and older girls are so welcoming towards us, they are so kind and fun! Our UIV House mothers are so helpful, they tell us everything we need to know about Campbell and introduce us to all the basics that we need to know. I have had so much fun in Campbell, one of my favourite experiences so far has been our first House games, where we competed for our House! I am so thankful for all the staff and older girls for being so nice and welcoming and introducing us to our new boarding House!” (Verity)

“Throughout my time in UIII, I was so excited to join Campbell. Now in L4, it has been an awesome experience so far, all of the older girls are so kind, and the House Staff are all really amazing and welcoming! The UIVs have been nice and have helped us so much to get the basics of all the rules and responsibilities!” (Eleonore)

“Since starting the year in Campbell, I have felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and belonging. I have met so many new people and have had such a great time so far. House games was super fun, despite being hit in the mouth by a frisbee, I’m looking forward to participating every week!”(Alessia)

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L4 Activities Day to Bletchley Park
“On Thursday 22nd of September, The LIV ventured into the history of Bletchley Park. We had a brilliant tour of the campus and had the great pleasure of touching an original Enigma machine from the Second World War. We toured recreations of some of the world’s greatest code breakers’ workspace. Overall, it was an amazing experience which we thoroughly enjoyed.” (Alessia Chandler)

U4 House Dance
“House Dance was a blast! The perfect mix of teamwork, friendship building and enjoyment. It really made our year come together to work on this amazing opportunity and to just enjoy ourselves! Coming third was an amazing achievement and I am sure we will all remember just how fun the night was! A special thanks to Zahirah, our House dance captain, for helping us to choreograph our dance!” (Isla UIV)

UV Trenches Trip

“In the early hours of the morning, all of UV sat on buses ready to set off for France and Belgium. They visited We were going to visit many places and we were all very excited! After going through passport controls, a shuttle under the channel and a bit of a drive, we finally arrived at our first destination. Our day one included a visit to the Lijssenthoek Military cemetery, one of four German memorials in the area called Langemark. We visited the German trenches and then drove on to Ypres where I had the incredible opportunity, alongside a few others, to lay a wreath at the ceremony of the Menin Gate for the people who fought in the war. The following day we drove to the area where the largest man-made bomb exploded during the war, creating a large crater, then onto where the Battle of the Somme was fought. We carried onto visiting the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial in which we learnt about medicine in the war. We continued onto the Ulster tower which represented the many Irish people who fought in the war. Our last destination was the grand Thiepval memorial, we then headed back home to school, and it was all over.

I think I speak for everyone else who went on the trip when I say that truly was a trip I will never forget. I am so grateful to all the staff who arranged it and for our incredible guides who made the trip all the more memorable. I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit these highly significant, impactful sites and this will be an experience I will not soon forget! Thank you to the entire history department for making this trip a reality and I cannot wait for other years to experience this and enjoy it as much as we did!” (Ava UV)

L5 D of E

“I had been hoping to get lost on D of E.

Then, I would have some crazy story of my own to tell, my experience on an expedition where everything went wrong. I would be in that one group who took a wrong turn and ended up on the other side of the map. A successful mission would be altogether too generic, too unremarkable.

Obviously, the reality was far less glamorous. We did, in fact, end up getting lost. But before we could do that, we were driven to the starting point, staggering under the astonishing weight of our rucksacks. Our group leader was kind, good-humoured and infectiously optimistic. He demonstrated how to read a map and take a bearing. Together, we set off on our route, somehow already hungry and tired, knowing it was only going to get worse.

In all fairness, I had had an enormous amount of fun, learnt a lot, and really enjoyed the digital detox. Our group leader was very thorough and taught us all the skills we would need for the actual assessed expedition, from the five D’s of navigation to road safety. My group and I joked around, played games, stroked some horses, and tried to sing Taylor Swift songs acapella. We even ran into the filming set of Ted Lasso and had the crew tell us off for being too loud (true story), before everything went downhill.

Indeed, the whole detour started off with one of the steepest hills I have ever had to descend. Soil slid underfoot; my toes were pressed up against the front of my boots. This is the point where morale hit an all time low. The only things that kept us going were our group leader’s relentless perseverance, as well as the way everyone was channelling their dejection through sarcasm, and there was now a constant stream of wry remarks. If I could have a pound for every time I heard the phrase “this is taking longer than we thought” or “I don’t think we’re on the path we think we’re on”. At last, everyone crumpled to the ground in exhaustion, and despite everything derisive laughter bubbled forth at our own expense.

When we finally got back to the campsite, we received a hero’s welcome as if we were explorers who had just made it back from the Antarctic. In that moment, the pain was worth this glory. People rushed to our side and helped us set up our tents, shared their food, and I managed to get a good night’s sleep.” (Cice LV)

L6 Communication Conference 

“On our Activities Day on Thursday 22nd September, all the LVIs attended the Communications Conference. It was such an exciting event – we have all been looking forward to it ever since we were first told about it a week before. 

In the morning, we arrived in LAC, all of us wearing formal clothes, either suits or formal dresses. It made us feel so professional; we could not wait to see what the day had in store for us, but we were also a little nervous as we’ve never done anything like it before. 

When we all sat down in Archer Recital Hall, the two outside speakers who were going to lead our session for the day introduced themselves. We had known that they were working journalists before, but when we got to hear them talk, it felt so much more real. We all listened with rapt attention as we knew this was a remarkable opportunity, being able to hear the first-hand experience of professionals in this career. 

They first outlined our day for us – in the morning, they would tell us about their journey to becoming a journalist and their career and give us advice to prepare us for a simulation in the afternoon, where we would have to apply some of these skills to practice. Both of them were captivating speakers and were experts at their jobs. We learnt a lot from them, which were both fascinating and useful. 

Time passed quickly and soon it was time for us to try it ourselves. We were told that the simulation was very exclusive, and we were the only school that is allowed to use it – we felt so lucky to have been given such a special opportunity. 

We were allocated to groups randomly and logged in to the simulation in different classrooms. Especially as the new girls who joined this year are still settling in, it was a great time for us to get to know each other a little better. It was also a chance for us to collaborate with people we don’t really know, which is a crucial part of working in a group with others. 

Our task was to solve the PR crises of an ice cream company. We replied to emails, messages, and kept a close eye on social medias to make sure we know about any negativity targeted at us as soon as possible. Four people from each team were also given the chance to be interviewed by the professional journalists, who were ruthless with their questioning but a real insight into how the PR department of companies works. 

It was quite an intense afternoon, and stressful at times, but it was certainly rewarding at the end of the day, especially when prizes were given to the best interviewees and teams. It was one of the best Activities Day we have had, and we are grateful for having been given this unique opportunity.” (Audrey LVI)

House Chapel Service

“Jade and I are both House Sacristans and we wrote the Campbell House Chapel Service on one of the school’s values: excellence. We chose Joseph from the Bible and Serena and Venus Williams as our examples of people who have demonstrated excellence. It was very inspiring to research them and what they did, and I feel that it was very fitting and motivating to express in the service how we can follow Joseph, Serena and Venus’ examples. We practiced our House Anthem – ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus – over multiple evenings with the whole of Campbell House. We were able to include harmonies and solos which meant that we could make it sound nice. On the day of the service, we practiced once before performing out fully. The service ran smoothly, and it was very enjoyable to be a part of! (Chiaka LVI)”

Musical and Sporting success 

Campbell wanted to say well done to Evie (LIV), Mia (UIV), Sia (UIV), Yuning (UIV), Cice (LV), Olivia (LV), Audrey (LVI) and Jade (LVI) who all competed the the annual Wycombe Abbey WACMF competition in a variety of categories. Special mention goes to Judy who won the Intermediate Piano category. We have also had a number of pupils complete their music exams and received their certificates this term.  

In sporting news both Yimika (UIV) and Freya (UV) represented Wycombe Abbey in the Netball County round as part of the Nationals school’s competition. While the U16s narrowly missed out on a qualifying spot, the U14s were crowned County Champions and progress through the regional rounds.