End of Summer Term

It really does not seem possible that we are nearing the end of the Summer Term. A term that has been as busy as any other, with so much on offer to the girls. With public examinations now completed for the UV girls and internal examinations completed for the LIV – LV, the last few weeks have been great for the girls to unwind, continue academically and to engage in activities with trips to Bath, healthy lifestyle day, STEAM Olympics, a leadership conference and many more opportunities to develop pupil’s experiences.. 

The girls continue to be exceptionally busy with various extra-curricular activities including Greenpower. In Pitt, a number of the girls are involved in the Greenpower racing and have been successful at the recent races. Elisabeth describes her experience:


At Wycombe, you have the opportunity to have many new experiences; from trying out a new sport, to a new instrument or learning about different cultures or life skills. I got the opportunity to join the Greenpower society. It is a society that revolves around engineering, DT and other different aspects which is something I’ve always been interested in but haven’t been able to explore. Joining this society, I have had the chance to learn new things like how to go about building a race car, how to use certain appliances, very interesting facts and information…which is all very helpful if I decide to pursue this in the future. I also have a lot of fun and educational experiences such as going to the Goodwood track to race against other schools  and learn more about formula racing. Partaking in this society is a way for me to share my interest in Greenpower with others and broaden my knowledge about my interests in a very fun and interactive way and it is definitely something I will continue to take part in!

Elisabeth UIV Pitt


U5 Pitt

The UV recently finished their GCSE examinations . They have demonstrated resilience, dedication to their revision, courage and a steadfast determination to succeed throughout the long six weeks of public examinations. They can now all enjoy a restful summer ahead before returning to join the Sixth Form and begin the next stage of their educational journey. We are sadly saying goodbye to Hannah who moves on to pastures new in September. We are going to miss her enormously with her sense of humour, bright sunny smile and a willingness to get involved in House and wider school life. Good luck Hannah!

We wish all our UV girls the very best of luck with their examination results in August and look forward immensely to their return to house as LVI girls and in their Mons positions.

UV Pitt 2022

As the LVI enter their final days in Pitt before their move to Clarence, Olivia Idle as Head of House has written about her time in the House:

“Being part of Pitt has been such a great experience, I have made so many friends, not only in my year, but also in years above and below and these friendships will never be forgotten. As a House we are always there for each other when we need it, and it is comforting to know I have had a community which I can trust and have fun with. Becoming Head of House this year has been truly amazing. It was always a goal of mine, but I never thought I would get it and I have been so grateful to have been appointed to this role. Being able to connect with both the House staff and younger years has made my last year in Pitt wonderful. After COVID-19, the House had become slightly divided due to online learning, therefore my goal for this year was to bring the House closer together and regain the House spirit that had been lost during online learning. I achieved this with activities with the younger years, for example, we baked, had movie nights and many more. I wanted to bridge the gap between the LVI and the younger years. I wanted them to know that we were here for them if they needed it and support them through both academic and social problems. I also organised (with the help of the rest of my year group) a whole House rounders match against our sister House (Rubens) which was a fun-filled evening with all year groups, and it was a great success. Being Head of House of Pitt has been a brilliant opportunity not just to give back to the house, but also for my own personal development. I have gained confidence and improved my organisational skills which has needed! I will miss being in Pitt so much and appreciate everything all the amazing House staff have done for me and the rest of the House over the last five years. 

Olivia LVI Pitt

LVI Pitt

The LVI have been a tremendous group of young people who have succeeded so much in their positions of responsibilities alongside working incredibly diligently on their academic studies. Each individual person, as given so much over their time in house. The house staff and I cannot thank them enough for everything that they have contributed too over the years. Their bright sense of humour and engagement with activities in house and school. We are all going to miss them and we look forward to hearing about their exploits in the future and how they get on in Clarence. All the very best girls.

Dove Day 2022

It was so special to see everyone; parents, pupils and staff, back together celebrating Dove Day. The day was incredibly busy with a lot going on from the Gymnastics display to the Dog show and a great lunch together in our House marquee. The lunch with the parents, pupils, tutors and House staff was a lovely occasion. We all enjoyed the sunny weather and the opportunity to layout our picnics outside the marquee and spend time talking over the year that has passed. . To see so many parents and pupils together after three years was magnificent. 

For Pitt, the tug-of-war competition was a particular highlight. The team of Isabelle, Olivia, Polina, Thaisa, Valentina, Elisabeth, Pia and Cate were crowned champions, winning a challenging and exhilarating competition against the other Housesreaching the final against Airlie unbeaten. After winning two straight pulls, Pitt were victorious. The girls worked superbly together with fantastic team spirit and a game plan that happened magically each time. Congratulations to you all girls.

Tug-o-War Winners – Pitt 2022


Sunday evening saw a superb rock concert put on by the pupils in School with a range of  rock bands and individual performances. The pupils all gave so much to each performance and their endless passion, drive and determination is fabulous; the music was superb and it was such a lovely way to end a true Wycombe Abbey weekend. A number of Pitt pupils were involved but mention must go to the LVI pupils who, after nearly five years, enjoyed their final GlastonAbbey. The girls thrive in their bands and develop hugely their individual musical talent. We are all so immensely proud of them all.

And Finally…

Today was our Sports Day…. so memorable for the whole House especially the LVI.

U3 Pitt
LVI Winning Relay Team, Pitt 2022
UIV Winning Really Team, Pitt 2022