Reflections of 2021/22 in Junior House

This time of year is always a point of reflection in Junior House. When we can look back and think about all that has been learnt and all that we have experienced. From arriving on the first day, exited but maybe a little apprehensive about what is to come, to spending time with your friends on the final night’s House Outing and looking forward to moving into Senior Houses.  

In conversations with pupils over the last week, we have talked a lot about Wycombe Abbey vocabulary, which used to sound so strange but is now second nature. So, if someone says ‘go to MSDR’ or ‘ARH’ you no longer look blank and either have to pretend you know, or be reminded yet again what it is and where it is . . . and who knew there were two different categories of ‘Tuck’? 

Another thing our girls have highlighted has been how their organisational skills have  improved over the year, they all know what books to take to what lesson and ensure that by the time Mrs Izzard comes to their dorm with her clip board on a Tuesday evening they will have been able to successfully change their bedding. Developing greater independence is something that we strive for in Junior House, little victories such as knowing which board to look at and which ‘MS Team’ to check are all signs that a pupils is navigating their way through School life. Similar indicators include, being confident in making choices between the huge array of activities on offer and gradually discovering that they already know many of the answers to the many questions they have! 

Alongside the logistics and routines that are in now place,we have had a lot of conversations about all the opportunities they have had this year, from an amazing array of Extra’s, evening and weekend activities and Societies to all the fantastic special events that have been organised to celebrate 125 years since Dame Frances Dove opened Wycombe Abbey.  

Weekend highlights have included Saturday night movies with an ‘Ice Cream Sundae’ interval, ‘make your own pizzas’ and trips out on Sunday. The pupils particular favourites being an afternoon of ice skating and a day trip to Chessington World of Adventure. On-site activities such as Laser Tag and Archery Rampage have been really popular but perhaps the best House activity would have to be our end of year water fight!   

I love looking through our House Scrapbook expertly put together over the year by the girls under the guidance of Miss Darling, Miss Holland Bright and Miss Tay. It is remarkable what we have been able to fit in over the year. 

Rozzie has written in her own words her thoughts on her year in Junior House.  

During my time in Junior House, I have grown so much as a person. I have become much more independent, resilient, self-sufficient, and mature, and am so grateful to all of my friends, family, teachers and the Junior House staff for helping me to be the best version of myself that I can be.  

The highlight of my year in Junior House has got to be the 125 Founder’s Day celebration. I had such an amazing time with my friends, whether that be on the thrilling fairground rides, devouring a cloud of candy floss or just giggling on the grass in the sunshine. It was an unforgettable experience, and I will cherish those memories for life.  

Junior House has been a rollercoaster – there have been lots of ups and downs, twists and turns, but ultimately it has been an extremely fun and exciting year and I have made so many wonderful new friends and learnt millions of new things, such as how to put a duvet in a duvet cover or how to cradle a lacrosse stick. Thank you ever so much to everyone who has made this year awesome! 

Reading Rozzie’s reflections and chatting with the girls before the end of term I am reminded that the girls of Junior House 2021/22 have had a truly wonderful year and importantly they are prepared and excited to start the next academic year in their Senior Houses.