Campbell House News Summer Part 1

As Summer term begins, Campbell House pupils have been working tremendously hard, whilst still enjoying the beautiful weather. Even though exam season has rolled around, Campbell pupils continue to show off their musical talent and sporting excellence. Pupils have had the opportunity to attend a variety of lectures, take part in MUN, play in lunchtime concerts, and perform in the Junior Spotlights competition. We would like to wish good luck to all pupils taking exams. Here are some of the highlights from this half term.

House Innings – Spring Term 

At the end of Spring term, Campbellites indulged in an Easter egg hunt as part of their House Innings on Midget Pitch organised by our lovely resident tutor, Miss Spiers. House spirit was evident as each pupil dressed up as a book or film character. They all fully participated and we were presented with Regina George, Maribel from Brave, Tom and Jerry, and Mr Bean, to name just a few! They had a lot of fun and enjoyed pizza and ice cream together afterwards in the Campbell drawing room. This was a great way to end the Spring term. 

125 Cabaret

The start of the Summer term saw Campbell pupils taking parting in Wycombe:125! Live. Campbell House had been working hard throughout the year to show off their musical, dance, and acting talents. The shows saw Isla (LIV) perform in a drama sketch from the 1910s, Pia (LVI) perform in a musical piece from the 1940s, Dawn (LVI) perform in a musical piece from the 1980s, Nell (UIV) perform in the Drama scene from the 2000’s and Zahirah (UV) perform a dance piece from the 2020s. Sofia (LVI) performed in a variety of dances ranging from the 1980s until 2020. Well done to all those who performed and to those who worked behind the scenes!

Junior House visits

Our future Campbellites, currently in Junior House, have visited Campbell a couple of times to integrate them into the House. On their first visit they were given a tour of the House by the current LIV and were introduced to a variety of pupils within the House who answered any questions they had. They participated in a Mario Kart competition with the LIV and LV, and though this became very competitive, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience! We look forward to future visits this coming half-term. 

House Quiz

Having been successful in the qualifying rounds, Campbell House took part in the final of the House quiz competition on the 24th of April. The final saw them come up against Airlie and Rubens and questions came from a variety of topics. The competition was fierce, and Campbell managed to take second place, narrowly losing out to Rubens. A big congratulations must go to Hannah Patricia (LVI), Astrid (LV), Ellie (LV), and Vanessa (LIV) for representing the Campbell