Bazza’s Community

The Oxford dictionary defines “community” as a social organisation centred on common interests or a locale. I beg to differ.

Over the weekend, I participated in the annual Haileybury MUN with Leanna, Abila, Annika, Issy, and Emma. Each of us were assigned to different committees tackling various global issues – from debating the ethics of child labour in Human Rights, to discussing the complexities of cobalt mining in Ecology and Environment. Although sitting together during the opening and closing ceremonies as members of our respective delegations, we had nothing in common – not interests nor locales. Yet, in a setting where our shared titles of “Barry” or “Wycombe Abbey” no longer defined us, we were nonetheless a community.

As I sat impatiently during the awards ceremony, eagerly anticipating the results. I enthusiastically screamed cheered as I watched my friends, their figures blurred by distance, stride toward the podium to claim their well-earned prizes, oblivious to the disapproving looks of those around me who were startled by the volume of my cheers. When I was called up for “distinguished delegate” award, I heard an exuberant uproar erupt from various corners of the cavernous sports hall and amidst the chaos and excitement, I recognised those familiar smiles. As I ascended the platform to receive my own recognition, clutching the fragile glass plaque in my hands, I realised that our sense of community was more than a shared label. It’s not about what you have in common, or where you are, it was about the genuine camaraderie born from our hearts – it came from a place of love and a place of trust. Regardless of the barriers or differences which stood between us, it could never deter us from relinquishing in our successes together and celebrating as one.

Barry is a community, but it is not our shared roof that unites us, it is the sacred bonds of friendship and love. Community is leaving a box of sweets in the study to share or opening the curtains in the morning to save the duty staff some time. It’s the shared moments of mischief, sneaking into the bathrooms to get ready for bed while evading the watchful eye of Miss Clarke, or silently doing work in the study together in preparation for an upcoming exam. For me, community is spotting a sky-blue tie in a sea of pupils, knowing that home is not far away.

That, is our testament to the power of community.

                                                                                                           Daisy (UV)

Let’s Celebrate

On the sports field, we had a number of talented girls representing the School at Nationals in Netball and Lacrosse, Tri Counties, Headington Lacrosse, Cricket, Swimming  and Fencing. The U15B Lax team were victorious in the Nationals U15B Plate Final. Well done to Lucia, Eva and Macy.  The U13C Netball Squad won the Headington Netball tournament – well done, Ceci. U13D Netball Squad were placed 3rd – well done Paige. Flo and Tess, well done to you and your team in winning the Cricket tournament, whilst the U13A Netball Squad were placed 4th – well done to Ceci and Amelie. The Fencers were also successful; well done to Youyi, Abila, Selina and Leanna, all qualifying for BYC. Our Resident Tutor, Mr Kermode  won a Beatbox competition and will record with Seraphine Noir. Annabelle represented England at the Luxembourg Euro meet – she achieved her PB in the 50m fly and missed out on a medal in the 100m freestyle by 0.02s. Cami received the Headmistresses commendation for her beautiful tufting –Miss Williams says that Cami is a natural tuftier.  Estelle has been invited for an interview for the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship – we wish her well. In the next round of the Mathematics Olympiad, Annika, Daisy, Priyasha, qualified for the Hamiliton Olympiad, Maclaurin Olympiad, and Grey Kangaroo, respectively.

Legally Blond

Tiwonge, Tess and I took part in the Whole School Musical – ‘Legally Blonde’. We were all frat boys, with Tess also playing Grandmaster Chad and the Store manager. Everyone had so much fun and there were definitely some unforgettable moments both onstage and backstage. The final musical was a labour of love from every one of us. We all bonded immensely throughout the process and, with every ‘Oh my god, you guys!’ and ‘What you want!’, my love for the musical and its’ cast only grew. The crew’s unmatched pizzazz and spirit made the experience one-of-a-kind, and I would do anything to relive those experiences again!

                                                                                                           Natalie (UIV)

House Shout

When we first decided on ‘Living on a Prayer’ for our House Shout we were excited to see where we could go with such a classic rock song. Although the first few practices were on the rougher side (Miss Clarke and Mrs Couzens were worried) but everyone was very enthusiastic, and we soon got into the flow of things. It was especially lovely to see everyone encouraging the younger girls to come out of their shell. Having incorporated some moves and harmony it was looking very promising. We have been practicing most nights and along with Chloe’s piano accompaniment, have strong hopes for an amazing performance.

                                                                                                Estelle and Chloe (UV)

In Barry House, we have created a supportive community. The girls feel connected to “Bazza”, they have created lasting memories by fostering camaraderie in a supportive, positive, secure and grounded environment.

I would like to wish the Barry community a Happy and relaxed Easter break.