Autumn in Cloister

What a fantastic start to the year we have had in Cloister. I cannot believe how much we have squeezed into two months, from dance to drama to music.  

We started the term by welcoming five new pupils, along with 8 girls from Junior House. We are also lucky to be joined by Miss Millwood, our new Deputy Housemistress and Miss Nel, our House Resident Tutor. It has been wonderful to see the Cloister community come together to welcome all these individuals, looking out for each other at Daws Hill and in School.  

The beginning of term is also the time to congratulate the L6th on their new positions of responsibility, both in School and in House. As Head of House, Isabella has already led her L6th team in various different initiatives. ‘Random acts of Kindness’ made a return this term, along with hot chocolate evenings for the different year groups. Hannah has encouraged the House in a range of sports as sports captain and Eleanor is busy planning our charity stall for bonfire night. The other L6th have also been busy. A special congratulations must also go to Polly, Jess and Sophia, who along with Isabella have been made School Prefects. We are all very proud of you all.  

House families have been an important way in which girls have integrated into the House. We have had various House events in our family groups, including canvas painting, a quiz and pumpkin carving. House families are a really important part of House life, and something which are remembered well into the future by our pupils. Daughters, mothers, grandparents and great-grandparents all come together to look after each other along with teaching about the traditions of Cloister House.  

In a busy full boarding school it is always fun to see what happens on the weekend and this term there have been a wide range of weekend activities which have been enjoyed by all. The first weekend marked the return of the ‘Funfair’ which, despite a spot of rain, was a real success. The dodgems, fun house, spinning rides, candy floss and food stalls were a wonderful opportunity for the School to come together as a community. Other weekend activities this term have included ‘Go Ape’, Thorpe Park and the outdoor cinema to name but a few. There have also been events in House, including mocktails, a pamper night and baking.  

At the end of this half term, I will be saying farewell to Cloister for a brief period as I embark on maternity leave. I know that I am leaving the House in very safe hands with Mrs Woodward as Housemistress supported by Miss Millwood, Mrs Shaw and Mrs Gronmark. I will be back to visit with the new addition to Cloister but wish everyone a very successful year in my absence. I look forward to hearing about all of the Cloister successes. I wish everyone a safe and restful half term.