Airlie Summer Term Newsletter – Part 2

Airlie Tug-of-War Team, Dove Day – Summer Term 22

Dove Day & GlastonAbbey

To mark the final weekend of the academic year, we celebrated Dove Day and GlastonAbbey.

On Saturday 25 June, Dove Day commenced with a beautiful chapel service led by Rev. Penny & Mrs Julia Hyde.  In the gymnastics performance, Tara and Tilly, our incoming LIVs, impressed us all with their flips, cartwheels and turns. At the dog show that followed, Hattie’s cocker spaniel, Buster, stole our hearts as well as the first prize with her ‘Waggiest Tail’. And even though he did not win the prize for ‘Best Trick’, we were all amazed at Emily’s dog and his excellent ball-catching skills.

The highlight of the day’s events was without a doubt the inter-house tug-of-war competition, where the Airlie team pulled its way to second place! Well done to Sharen, Sasha, Jasmine, Lauren, Olga, Allegra, Tomi and Emily!

Following this intense competition, we all enjoyed a picnic lunch in the Airlie House marquee, which was beautifully decorated in mahogany brown balloons and bunting made by our lovely matron, Mrs Treacy. After two years of social distancing, it was so nice welcoming our Airlie parents, siblings, and families. We loved having the UIII Airlie pupils in the House marquee, as well as seeing our UVI pupils who came back for a visit.  

Dove day ended with some highlights of the many and varied 125 performances over the course of this year, but the day was far from over for Airlie House. Our pupils enjoyed the customary end-of-term Dorm Feast, with a variety of home-cooked and Deliveroo-acquired meals.

After a busy Saturday, we all enjoyed a quiet Sunday morning, recharging our batteries for the much-anticipated GlastonAbbey. As always, the event was a huge success. Our pupils danced and sang the evening away and it was nice to see them come back to House full of smiles and laughter. We were impressed by the amazing performances of the Airlie girls: Sasha’s solo, Ella’s drums, and Georgia’s band ‘Ultimatum’ were the highlights of the evening for the Airlie House Staff.

The last weekend of term has certainly been busy, but it was also the best way to end another wonderful year in Airlie House!

What do you think Wycombe Abbey will be like in 125 years?

As our 125 celebratory year draws to a close it is fun think what the pupils who were at the School when it opened would think if they could see us now, I am sure that they would be impressed. Well, we have no real way to tell but what we can do is consider what our current pupils think the School will be like in 125 years time! Here are some of their thoughts:  

Lauren, LVI: The grounds will be developed further; the outhouses will be gone but the Abbey will be still standing. Wycombe TV will have replaced the Flourishing Podcast. MSDR will still be serving up the staple dish of fish and chips on Fridays.

Jasmine, UIV: I am hopeful that we will still be here in 125 years, and I think Wycombe will be a top-secret educational facility. 

Hattie, LVI: [email protected]. The school will be bigger and Teams, Outlook, OneNote and toastie Wednesday will still be flourishing. Every December, pupils will still be singing the Charter House Carole! A-levels and GSCEs will no longer exist, and the examinations will be replaced by an online test.

Alison, UIV: Lacrosse will still be played, but the rules may be different. The school will still be the same, but the buildings will be modernised.

Isabella, LIV: There might be a gondola to take you to Daws Hills.

Zenia, LV: I think everything will be electronic and hopefully Airlie will be rebuilt. Apparently, there won’t be any trees in 50 years, so maybe we will be living like Sandy from SpongeBob square pants.

Aubrey, UIV: I think everything will be different. The new Wycombe Abbey on Mars might open!

Sundari, LV: Wycombe Abbey will still be here. Expect all the building will be modernised inside, and the outside will remain the same. I think everyone will be working from home and join from lesson in the Metaverse.

Katie, UIV: I’m not sure if there will be as much greenery, except for pitches. The School will continue to expand and increase pupils.

Olga, LIV: I’m not sure if the School will be the same and co-education may have taken over. The speed of development will continue to increase, meaning that in 125 years, humanity and education systems could change drastically.

Georgia, LVI: Mixed year dorms will still be the same and toastie night and fruity Friday will still be thriving. We will have completely moved passed OneNote and Teams. Wycombe Abbey may be in the Metaverse. Wristbands will be replaced by eye scanning technology. Hopefully picnic suppers will be revived!

Ella, UIV: There will probably be more buildings and more boarding houses. I hope there will be a House Dog in Airlie!