Wendover House News 7

The Spring Term is always one of my favourites. I always love the opportunity for a fresh start and working in a school allows me to have two chances at embracing new challenges, in both January and September. Therefore, I thought that I would structure this blog post to show how we are embracing the New Year and the changes, challenges, and opportunities that this brings to our marvellous community.

Our House Team have been working alongside the girls to create a schedule of weekly activities that are both well attended and varied in nature.  It is lovely to have opportunities throughout the week to come together as a House, and a chance for all our girls’ interests to be reflected in the evenings.

MondayHouse Order and Productivity Tip Monday
TuesdayReading for pleasure, tea, and biscuits
WednesdayCraft Club Wednesday
ThursdayToastie Thursday
FridayFitness can be fun Fridays!
SaturdayMiss Blunt’s must watch movies
SundayBaking with Miss Franks

Monday gives us a chance to come together in House Order. This gives us a chance to share information for what’s coming up this week and to celebrate our successes. This term we have also been sharing tips on productivity to ensure the girls have a chance to reflect on how they can work smarter, not necessarily harder. House Orders also give us a chance to do things in our House Families such as quizzes, challenges, and competitions.

Wendover House staff truly believe that reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures and we are encouraging our girls to pick up books, articles and journals that lie outside of those they ‘have to read’ for School. On Tuesday evenings we meet in Long Corridor to read with a cup of tea and a few biscuits. Although attendance is not compulsory it is steadily building each week and there is a real sense of enthusiasm amongst our avid readers!  It is lovely to see the girls chat to one another about what they have enjoyed and share what they have learned.

Inspired by one dorm, who are particularly crafty, Miss Franks has set up Craft Club Wednesday. We have purchased yarn, crochet hooks and various other bits of equipment, and each week provide a different craft activity for the girls to try. They are also able to bring down any crafty endeavours of their own to do in the company of their friends. We can’t wait to see more of their creations as the year moves along.

Toastie Thursday is a firm favourite and run by our wonderful House Tutor and UIV tutor Miss Morrisby. Queues are long, and favourite fillings are mozzarella, tomato and pesto and chocolate spread and banana. Whilst we cook, chat and eat, we play music and board games and it is another wonderful chance to create some balance with friends and within House families.

The newest addition to our weekly activity schedule is Fitness can be fun Fridays! So far, we have spent Friday nights dancing to some of the girls’ favourite songs as we take part online dance workouts, we have also thrown in a few ‘throwback’ songs that the staff love too. It has been great to hear shrieks of laughter, chants of ‘one more song’ and to see the girls who are prepared to look a little silly in front of one another, all in the name of fun. We look forward to also embracing some calmer fitness favourites like Pilates and yoga too.

There are plenty of activities each weekend for the whole school community, but we have a few favourites in House too. The girls love to watch a movie on Saturday evening after a busy morning of lessons and afternoon of fixtures. This term I have got the girls to vote on what ‘classic’ movie from Miss Blunt’s teenage years they would like to watch. So far, we have watched Bridget Jones and The Princess Diaries, it is lovely to see them take the time to rest at the end of a busy week. On a Sunday afternoon Miss Franks bakes with the girls in House. They make enough for the whole House to share and the entire of Wendover smells delicious, unsurprisingly Luna can often be found hanging around in Long Corridor, looking for some crumbs!

I hope that you have enjoyed a peek into our weekly activity routine. We also make time for one off activities too. This term we have enjoyed making Bubble Tea and Paper Lanterns during the Lunar New Year, making Time to Talk for Mental Health Awareness Week, attended the whole School silent disco- a massive thank you to Lola who made the UIIIs feel so included. Bingo is always a massive hit, and each half term we put ‘our eyes down’ and turn Long Corridor into a Bingo Hall. I love the fact that the girls have begun to learn all the number phrases. Something that I used to love playing with my Grandmother when I was their age!